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The Works

The Works

Daniel Whitaker
by dwhit on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi, I'm Daniel! I'm a motion designer from Orlando FL. I currently study at SCAD where I am a junior impatiently awaiting my senior year... Below you'll find some of my most recent work. I enjoy designing as well as animating so you'll find a mixture of both on this page. Enjoy! :)

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Motion Reel

Compilation of projects completed within the past year. Please enjoy the sweet sounds and hopefully the stuff that moves.


What you see on this page is what I've worked on in my Junior year. I had the honor of directing, designing, and animating some really cool projects over the course of the last year, and I'm excited to get to show it!

Project 01

CoMotion X

This year’s branding is all about taking the audience through MOMELOVE’s inspiring past, present, and soon-to-be future. Naturally, the title sequence was the main driver of that narrative. Throughout the title sequence there are four main phases that tell MOMELOVE’s story: The Intro, The Past, The Present, and The Future.

The Intro is the time before MOME, barren and undeveloped. The Past showcases previous years with iconography designed to pay homage to previous designs within our department. The Present features four common techniques and trends that students at SCAD adhere to; 3D Design, Compositing (layers), Animation, Stop Motion. And lastly, The Future is a void and ready to be explored space; The Future represents our unlimited potential as a group of young designers. 

The title sequence was designed to be the main driver of the entire concept. Premiering before anything else in the conference, the title sequence was a great opportunity to remind everyone in the audience of where we have been as a department while also announcing where we are going.

Final Frames 

Previous Years 

Main iconography to bring the past back to life. 

Style Frames

Designs I produced in the pre-production phase.

Concept Art

Very first attempts at rendering out the storyboards. Although the design direction evolved, the initial concept art for the piece really helped get the whole team on board. 

Storyboard / Boardomatic 

When first dreaming up the entire title sequence I made sure to outline the initial story in as much detail as possible to help get production moving along smoothly. 

Buddy :) 

Buddy is the main star of the piece; he is MOME Love as he explores the past, present, and future of the program. I modeled Buddy to be distinct but also friendly, I wanted Buddy to not only represent MOME Love, but guide MOME through the piece. 


Creative Director: Daniel Whitaker, Producer: Desmond Du, Co-producer: Hunter Scully, Art Director: Jayson Hahn, Lead 3D Designer: Marcelo Meneses, Lead 2D Designer: Sam Button, Compositing & Editing: Desmond Du, Lead Graphic Designer: Madison Kelly, Experiential: Hunter Scully & Madison Kelly

Designers + Animators: Tomo Beddie, Will Burkart, Zach Herdman, Xin Zhao(Kenny), Riley Williamson, Irma Hasanic, José Manuel Peña, Zach Hixon, Daniel Whitaker, Jayson Hahn, Marcelo Meneses, Sam Button

Initial Pitch 

This is the motion test that was part of my initial pitch to the club. Its main purpose was to help outline my ideas for the title sequence. Once I won, I knew that things had to be changed and improved upon, especially considering the fact that I was now apart of a crazy talented team. 

Project 02


Here you'll find a collection of work I do in my off-time. I do them for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they keep me sane and help me stay nimble. Recently, I've been assigning myself words or themes. Featured are "Evolution of a cloud", "Modern", and "Vibrant". 

Project 03

Back to the Basics

I challenged myself to study past graphic movements in an effort to better understand the fundamentals of design. In total, I studied the Bauhaus movement, De Stijl, and Expressionism - basically, I designed and animated these pieces to play homage to beautiful past trends while also creating something unique and abstract. 

Style Frames 

Style Frames

Style Frames 

Project 04

FX Brand Refinement

This project takes thematic elements from some of FX’s most popular shows and displays them in a way that allows each show to contrast the other - this eventually highlights the versatility of FX as a brand and a network.

Style Frames

Project 05

The Sunshine State

Informal infographic design about the various aspects of Florida, my home state. Initial brief called for an infographic that branched off of the word, "Nature."

I originally set out to represent my home state in a fun, humorous way. I didn't want to take a super serious route and instead focused on having fun and enjoying the process. 

Well that's a wrap! This is a selection from some of my favorite work that I've completed in the past year. I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for viewing!

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