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Zac Bazzoli Rookies 2019

Zac Bazzoli Rookies 2019

Zac Bazzoli
by zacbazzoli on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A look through some of the work I have created in the past year. Thank you for viewing!

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Hello there! My name is Zac Bazzoli, and you seem to have stumbled upon my submission for the Rookies. I am currently pursuing a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Motion Media Design and will complete my degree in 2020. Feel free to scroll down to see some of the projects I have worked on in the past year.

Digital Graffiti 2018 Projection

This is a small portion of my work that was seen as a part of SCAD's Digital Graffiti 2018 Projection show that I created. The pieces I created were based on abstract imagery, manipulation of live-action footage, and retro video games.

Every year, a group of SCAD students goes down to Alys Beach, Florida to create work for the annual Digital Graffiti Festival. I was also responsible for mapping the project to the buildings that were found at the entrance of the festival and were the first thing guest saw as they attended the festival.

1984 Title Sequence

1984 is required reading throughout most of the United States while students are in high school, but, ironically, the subject matter of its dystopian society reflects greatly on the society that we have established in today’s modern world. The all-seeing eye, in the book known as big brother, monitors at all times and restricts free thought. The concept of the piece to go from this very open, free-flowing shape into a very clear eye shape near then to represent that, big brother is watching. The random frame cuts also will be included to indicate that big brother is watching throughout the piece. I wanted to do a 1984 title sequence in a style not usually thought of, and unlike any of the other fan made ones online.

Montgomery Projection Fest 2018

This is a small snippet of a show I was involved in October 2018, I decided to make my piece about getting Hot Cocoa on a hot day, using vector, 3D, live action, and raster elements to create this hodgepodge piece that makes one feel at home.

The original prompt for the piece was the be dark and light. After consulting with a trusted associate, my mother, I decided to go with a more light-hearted approach to encourage the chill vibes of the winter season.

Word To The Narwhals

This is an infographic I collaborated with Tanner Riddle to spread awareness of Narwhals and how climate change and noise pollution is affecting their rate of survival. This piece was created using Cinema 4D with Redshift Renderer, After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator.

Samsung UNI

SCAD collaborated with Samsung this past winter to research and develop concepts for an enhanced smartphone communication experience; combining technology development and the core value of the smartphone.

In the end, we decided to create an all-in-one app that focused on the most human aspects of communication and attempted to get as close as to actual real-life connection as we could.

This was a multi-disciplinary collaboration. I was personally apart of the motion design team that assisted in the design of the layout of the app with User Experience Designers and also figured out how the screens were to animate between each other. I also assisted with branding for the projecting assisting in creating the Logo, name, and creating a 3D logo reveal in Cinema4D.

You Should Know - Tactile Typographical Design

This was a design board I created to the poem You Should Know. I laser-cut acrylic letters and photographed the letters against textured backgrounds that represent the path the author took in their life to get to the point they wrote the poem.

Summer 2018 Instagram Dailies

Above is a small collection of dallies that I did during the summer of 2018. I ended up creating 86 days of content on my Instagram @zacbazzoli. My focus was to experiment and get comfortable in a 3D design environment. I ended up using the standard renderer at first and later moved on to experimenting in Arnold renderer.

Thank you.

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