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Kevan Goy - Concept Art 2024

Kevan Goy - Concept Art 2024

Kevan GOY
by KevanGoy on 31 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hi ! Here is the work I've done during my final year in the New3dge Concept Art program. Enjoy !

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Based on the book "Jade City" by Fonda Lee, I imagined a video game in this universe. Here are the characters I designed based on the descriptions of the book and how they could be brought to life into a game.

Kaul Hiloshudon

Hilo is the main character of the game. He's deeply involved in the armed operations of the No-Peak Clan since he is the head of the fighting force. He strives to manage the tensions between the two rival Mafias that fight over the city, while also taking part in the internal conflict of the clan. Hilo will have to make hard choices to preserve peace without showing any sign of weakness.

Gont Aschentu

Asch, the leader of the Mountain Clan's army, is the game's main antagonist. Hilo will have to avoid conflict with him to preserve peace, despite his desire to make Asch pay for his deceit.

Kaul Shaelinsan

As the main counselor of the No-Peak Clan and sister of Hilo, Shae will be the main character's most precious ally. Trust is important when plots are being prepared against the Clan.

Harmonic is a game in which Lyron, the main character, fights shadow creatures to free his village. It takes place on an ancient Greek-inspired island where magic is channeled through music.
I had the pleasure of designing the main character and the evil creatures, working alongside my talented team.
VFX students also made a movie from this project, and Game Art students created a game from it.

Concept Art team : Marius Villard - Jonathan Kiem - Marc Magliari - Kenza Morvan - Finn Myott

VFX Project
Game Project

              PERSONAL WORK

Royal Twins

Banished by the royal family, Aubald now leads a rebellion against the monarchy alongside the oppressed people of the kingdom.

The favored twin and current king, Ambroise, is gravely ill and will do anything to find a cure. For now, only blood can sustain him.

Anubis Parasite


As a final note, I want to thank all the amazing teachers for helping me grow as an artist during those 2 years. 
Special thanks to Pedro Krüger for helping me improve my final project.
Thanks to Aurélien FOURNIER for supervising the awesome New3dge Concept Art program.
And finally thanks to my classmates for sharing with me the victories as well as the struggles during the journey.

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