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Madison Kelly

Madison Kelly

Madison Kelly
by madisongkelly on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a collection of my work from my final year at the Savannah College of Art & Design. I specialize in motion graphics where I enjoy branding, narrative films, and titles. I recently dove into a more illustrative style to challenge myself as an animator rather than just simply a designer. Enjoy my things :)

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Motion Reel // 2019

B // Senior Film

B is a short story about a little bumble bee who doesn't have any wings who takes it upon himself to still get the job done despite the odds. Even though his way might be different, he finds a way to bring the pollen back to the hive like everyone else. Dedicated to my younger brother Will, who is a congenital amputee, I hope to inspire others that just because their way of doing things isn't like everyone else, it is just as important because it is THEIR way. He has never met a challenge he couldn't figure out. From tying shoes with one hand, to even jumping rope, nothing has ever slowed him down. I hope one day I can face the unknown  just as well as he does. 

Style Frames

Story Boards

Concept Art // Character & Environments

Adidas // Social Media Package

Adidas is one of the top shoe and sports apparel companies in the world. It specializes in premium and sleek athletic wear that unlike others has become a form of high fashion. With lively, upbeat, and modern animation, their brand has remained relevant throughout the years.

Marcelo Meneses and I decided that for our short form branding package we should focus on their new Clima Cool 4.0s. With fast, upbeat, and high energy transformations we would capture the aesthetic of the new running shoe. Our package includes vertical, horizontal, and square formats for any screen, along with still mockups and animated advertisements. 


Maniac // Main Title & Brand Package

For our title sequence, Marcelo Meneses and I wanted to capture the physical personification of the inter-dimensional theme present throughout the show. The plot follows two patients, Owen and Annie, undergoing MDMA treatment to cure mental illness. The hallucinations Owen and Annie experience are intertwined and mirror things they have gone through in real life. We wanted to visualize the reoccurring symbolism, iconography, and mental connection with a colorful analog style that is seen throughout the show. Join us as we dive into the mind of the AI. 



Social Media Package

Squarespace // Logo Reveal 

Squarespace is a well known custom website builder used by bloggers, designers, artists, and more. They have the choice of customizing versatile templates to fit your liking. It is extremely user friendly and makes clean graphic design accessible to the every day user. To visualize the editable templates and simple design, I have simple boxes and circles seamlessly moving and scaling based on each other. The lively and satisfying interactions of the shapes hint on the way Squarespace allows you to showcase your work in a beautifully designed way.


Louis Vuitton // Brand ID

Well known as a luxury clothing and accessory brand, Louis Vuitton prides themselves on clean yet relevant branding. Because of Virgil Abloh, there is a recent shift in the brand we haven’t seen yet. He mixes his history of street wear and contemporary art into refined luxury. This reveal was intentionally done for his recent Neon Story and Mens 2019 line.


Among the Hidden // Main Title

Among the Hidden is a book series by Margaret P. Haddix that follows the story of a young boy who is forced into secrecy due to population laws on 3rd children. Based in an alternate dystopian world, 3rd children have been deemed illegal due to overpopulation and food shortages. For my mock title sequence, I take the viewer all the way from Capitol Hill to the attic in which Luke, our main character, has spent most of his life hiding. The series has a very dark overarching theme, so creating a static yet ominous world was my main goal. Hidden in the sequence are a few shadow children of my own, see if you can find them. 


Cleopatra (1963) // Title Redesign 

Cleopatra is an ancient tale of love, betrayal, and loss. She was a cunning manipulator who used her skills and feminine power to gain leverage and save her empire, only to lead her to a death of self inflicted venom. This newly redesigned version is a fresh facelift to the 60's title sequence, but still keeping its original pacing and type ratios the same. 

For the imagery throughout the title sequence, I chose to use public domain high resolution 3D scans from various art museums around the world. The titles are a grim foreshadowing of Cleopatra's fate as they wind through the murky underworld, passing items from her life. 

Thank You

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