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Nicole Pappas Rookies 2019

Nicole Pappas Rookies 2019

by Lauren Kittle and nicolepappas on 27 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A look through the work I have created in the past year. Thank you for viewing!

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Nicole Pappas Portfolio - Rookies 2019

Let's kick it off with my demo reel:

iPad Pro Spot - Nicole Pappas & Lauren Kittle

Lauren Kittle and I created these styleframes in response to a brief tasking us to create something starting with the word "remix". 

Technology is a remix, taking past products and innovating to make them better. This piece is a promo for the new Apple iPad Pro. Apple is constantly updating, changing, and remixing their products to fit the consumer, by highlighting the potential of the new USB-C port and Apple Pencil. 

Orabrush - Tongue Brush Love Story by Nicole Pappas & Lauren Kittle

You've matched on that dating app, you've gone on the coffee dates, exchanged flowers, and that feeling is creeping up on you. But how do you tell someone you love them when your breath stinks?!

The Orabrush is here to save the day.

Nintendo Switch Spot

The Nintendo Switch is a game console that can take you virtually anywhere. I created this spot to highlight that exact feature.

The brief for this piece was to make a 3D animation about a tech device. I responded to the brief by showing the freedom of gaming on Switch. Because of its portability, you can take the console anywhere life demands you to be. I used a fun, bright 3D style to keep the fun atmosphere.

Les Paul Infographic

I was briefed with creating an infographic about something the general public isn't aware of. I was tasked with writing the script and animating the infographic.

While many know Les Paul for his signature Gibson guitar, he ended up creating much more. He was an inventor with a constant desire to change the way we play and record music. This infographic focuses on the inventions of Les Paul and how those inventions affect all of us and the music we listen to every day.

For this project, I picked the color scheme of predominantly black with gold and white typography to reflect the look of a Les Paul guitar's headstock. I also chose to create outlined 3D models to replicate the US Patent documents that were submitted for the inventions. These documents mainly consist of sketch line drawings and labels which were a huge inspiration for the aesthetic of this piece.

All models, including all 3 guitars, Sound on Sound machine, delay pedal, and guitar cables are modeled by myself in Cinema 4D by referencing photos of Les Paul's creations.

Being a Les Paul enthusiast myself, my professor insisted that I record the background music myself. The track in the background is written and recorded by me on my Gibson Les Paul Standard and mixed in Garageband. 

Netflix Brand ID

The brief for this project was to create a Network ID for Netflix - a platform that doesn't traditionally use network ID's since they are just a streaming service. It was fun to design a network ID for Netflix as if there was an alternate reality where it exists as a TV channel. I wanted to show viewers the potential of Netflix's multi-platform service by showing how it can be present in every part of your day: the commute, work itself, and when you finally get a chance to kick back at home.

LGBT Positive Infographic

The brief was to create an infographics using an illustrative style.

Statistics about depression, suicide, and abuse rates in the LGBT community are staggering, and can be very tough to comprehend and process. In a tough political climate, this spot aims to focus on encouraging statistics about LGBT youth. These styleframes are for an infographic depicting the positive statistics surrounding the LGBT community, using a bright and uplifting illustrative style and color pallet.

The Wallows - Uncomfortable Lyric Video

Uncomfortable is a song about the connection you have with someone being tainted. The protagonist thought things were going well, but the feeling was not mutual. Even though he is comfortable with the person he has gotten to know, he feels uncomfortable due to the disconnect. In this lyric video for The Wallows - Uncomfortable, the feeling of the song is articulated through the lens of a young person trying to deal with the disconnect he feels from a past lover.

The brief was to create a styleboard that uses typography.

That's All!

Thank you for taking the time to look through my work. I hope you have as much enjoyment looking through it as I did creating it.

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