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Rookie Awards 2022 | Rookie of the Year

Visual Effects Finalists

This category is for artists working with assets and elements that are integrated with live-action footage to create photo realistic environments, characters, sets, props, animation and effects that would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or simply impossible to capture on film.



United Kingdom | ArtFX School

At the age of 13, I was fascinated by films and especially by visual effects. I was fascinated by creating something that didn't exist.

Montasser Khalil


Canada | Sheridan College Visual Effects

I am a visual artist fascinated with filmmaking and the VFX industry. I recently completed the Graduate Certificate in VFX and Computer Animation programs at Sheridan College, studying CGI and VFX filmmaking: filming, lighting, compositing, animating, modeling, rigging, and texturing in Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Substance Painter, Zbrush, and Nuke.

Nayoon Levitin


United States | Think Tank Training Centre

I caught the bug while growing up watching Steven Spielberg movies.

Hyejung Yoo


South Korea | SF Film School

I was 17 when my mind was blown by watching TV show (bbc). I didn't know what exactly enchanted me, but I decided to learn about film industry. After I graduated college as major in directing, I jumped into onset for tv show production. When I'm been worked as an vfx onset coordinator, I realized what I want to work in this industry. I've witnessed what makes possible for effective production if vfx technology is used. I've thought vfx technology is the key for future film industry.

Sandra Baiju Prasad


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

Being raised in an Indian family full of creative engineers, I realised that my playfulness and creativity would thrive more in the entertainment industry. Exploring a new path of opportunities and freedom when I first got into doing CG work is what inspired me to join the VFX industry.

Jonathan TRUONG


France | VFX-Workshop

I Started 3D as a hobby and then wanted to convert this Passion into a Job

Seong Mi Kim


South Korea | SF Film School

Right after watching Life of Pi at a cinema, I got curious about how the movie was made. so, I got the answer from smart Google. That moment was the official start of my journey til now.

Laura Ludwig


Canada | PIXL VISN | media arts academy

I always enjoyed watching movies with all kinds of visual effects that made unimaginable things seem real. The moment I saw my first VFX breakdown, I realized that this industry is something real and approachable - so I decided to became a part of it.

Jacob Döhner


Germany | PIXL VISN | media arts academy

I've always loved creative work, especially working on short films. Movies allow you to tell a story in the way you want and when I discovered 3D Animation I realized that the possibilities of storytelling are just on a completly different level.

Pierre Legargeant


France | Supinfocom Rubika

I'm very lucky to be here today - I started to study physics and chemistry, before realizing that I had a lack of passion to succeed. I always loved cinema, so I tried an animation school... And here I am!

Ran Zhang


Canada | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I’ve loved film since before I can remember, watching TV and movies are my favourite thing to do along with I grow up. I got into video editing, creative design, making advertising videos before I step into the VFX industry. Being behind the scenes and being a part of that magic—even in the smallest of ways—is an amazing feeling, and I would be so honored to bring my knowledge to work for this.

Nilson Faria


Canada | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

Robin Isola


France | Artfx

Mohammed Aminu Dadi



It happened 2 semesters before my final semester in college

Liow Zi Yi Catherine


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

Live action movies, Sci-fi movies and animated movies have always been my favourites. During my secondary school days, I have a keen interest in the making of and behind the scenes of those movies. The moment I joined VFX course, I knew that this is always what I've been wanting to do.


South Korea | cg5 Academy

I grew up watching movies and animations since I was young, and I wanted to be a person who makes the world

Marc Mesa


Spain | FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D and Film School

When I was twelve years old I started to feel interested in the VFX industry because a very close friend showed me how he was creating his awesome VFX work. Since I was young I was practicing and learning a lot from different tutorials and nowadays I'm studying in FX Animation.

Evy Li


Canada | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I am a compositor currently residing in Vancouver,BC. I specialize in 2D & 3D Multi-pass Compositing, Paint, BC Prep, Rotoscoping, and Keying. Out of the pursuit and love of art, I have the confidence to become the world's top artist, which is also my dream.

Houra Ershad


Spain | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

Drawing, painting and sculpting have always been my hobbies. But since I got introduced to digital sculpting, It gave me the vision of converting my favorite hobbies to the job I've always wished for.

Stefan Klosterkötter


Germany | PIXL VISN | media arts academy

Fascinated by the moving picture my whole life I developed a ongoing passion and strong motivation to work in that field professionaly. During my studies, I got into the fantastic world of texturing and decided to specialize in this discipline. The attention to detail and the story behind every single Asset is what exites me the most. Last year I graduated from the PIXL VISN media arts academy after 18 months of VFX education.

Annina Weber


Germany | Think Tank Online

I knew I wanted to work in this industry when I saw that it's possible to create ...everything.

Bo-Mi Tak


South Korea | SF Film School

After watching Iron Man in high school, I interested in VFX . It was fascinating for me to believe that cartoon characters exist somewhere in the real world through computer graphics. While learning VFX, when I created what I imagined using a 3D program,I felt proud that I couldn't express in words and this experience gave me confidence in my job as a VFX designer.

Santiago Tomás Cabrera Gavilán


Spain | FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D and Film School

I spent way too much time on youtube when I was 11 years old, the fact that you didn't have to be a hollywood studio to make amazing videos made me want to learn everything I could. But it wasn't until my last year at school, doing a proper short film (which I packed full of vfx), that I realized this is what I really want to do professionally

Yifan Wang


United States | Gnomon

When I first saw such a fantastic and realistic Cinematic Trailer made for a specific game, my whole soul was utterly addicted to it. I'm in love with this way of translating the dream into reality.


South Korea | SF Film School

10 years ago, i watched iron man.



France | ArtFX School

Maksym Osmolovskyi


Ukraine | PIXL VISN | media arts academy

My journey to VFX world has began in 2014. Everything started as my uncle bought Canon 60D camera. Firstly I fell in love to a photography, than I realized also for me a video mode and started filming everything. As time went on, I also began to edit my videos. With time I decided that I wanted to go to one of the best abroad VFX schools to improve my VFX knowledges even more!

Ruben Brouns


Netherlands | Netherlands Film Academy

When my dad brought home Empire Strikes Back and I watched magic unfold before my eyes I was starstruck. From that point on I was obsessed with Star Wars and its effects. Later on, when I realized these effects were actually made by VFX Artists, I knew what path I was going to follow.

Bavly Hanna


United States | Gnomon

At a very early age, I admired watching movies and playing video games, and always wondered how they were made. It naturally grabbed my attention since I was a kid to watch the CG and VFX in movies, and always felt like magic.


South Korea | cg5 Academy

Working as a designer about a year ago, I thought that I could become a good 3D modeler, and I chose it because I enjoyed seeing beautiful scenes through the screen.

ShiJun Xu


South Korea | SF Film School

I always wanted to get a technical job, so I looked it up and found interest in CG industry, thus I chose this job.

Mizuki Yamada


Canada | Vanarts


Seungyeon Han


South Korea | SF Filmschool

After watching Blizzard's Wow(game) Cinematic video, I thought I wanted to make a realistic video like that. I opened artstation.

Srimounica Rapalli


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre, Canada

I was always intrigued by visual effects industry. The movies like Iron-Man, Avatar, Prometheus, Black Panther, in fact all the Marvel movies and many such brilliant works have always fascinated me. Two years ago I've decided to steer my career towards Visual Effects. Thus started my journey with Think Tank Training Centre. It has been really amazing! I'm so looking forward to learn more, and grow along with the other fantastic artists out here.


United States | Gnomon


Matej Gorup


Croatia | University North

The first time I found out Zbrush was about 5 years ago during my first year of college. It was love on first sight, I immediately bought my own graphic tablet and started the journey. Hours and hours of work followed after. I was really confident about the idea to create all kind of creatures for games and movies, and as you can see now, few years later, I still persist toward my goals!

Rick Kamp


Netherlands | Netherlands Film Academy

Visualizing my imagination by drawing, painting or building things has always been a fascination of mine. When I got older I got interested in technical subjects as well, but could not let go of my creative ambitions. After discovering VFX and the people whose work made me forget what's real and what's not, I knew I found the perfect combination of creativity and technology.

Markus Gruner


Canada | Think Tank Online

I have been drawing since I was 5 years old, and painting from 14 onwards. Visual art has been a consistent call in my life ever since I first picked up that pencil crayon 23 years ago. It was only this year after trying to wrap my head around how to support myself as a full time artist did the idea of this field hit me like a thunderbolt. My experience with Think Tank Online has been an absolute blessing and I am so grateful for the chance to learn and grow as an artist under professionals.