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Little Hunter

Little Hunter

Bo-Mi Tak
by takbomi on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I have been inspired by nature documentary. I tried to create a small world realistically.

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I have been inspired by nature documentary.

I tried to create a small world realistically.


I worked in the order of Modeling > Texturing > shading > rigging

Modeling : Zbrush

Frogs and dragonflies are modeled on red-eyed tree frogs and Pantala flavescens.

First, I sculped with dynamesh.

After retology and projection, I raised the divide to add details and applied alpha.

For the frog skin and dragonfly eyes texture, I applied alpha using surface > noise > uv function.

Alpha maps are patterned in Photoshop so that the connection is naturally connected.

Texture : Substance Painter

I didn't use the smart material, I painted the textures directly by hand.

To facilitate detailed description of objects that are difficult to paint directly, such as wrinkles that are difficult to paint with a brush, i used a map exported by baking with a substance painter and Knald as a texture mask map.


Maya X-gen

I worked the dragonfly fur in an x-gen primitive manner to make detailed adjustments to it.

I planted a guide to control the density and flow of the hair, and I made a detailed shape using noise and clump in the modifiers menu.


Dragonfly Pore

The fur was converted into polygons, imported with the face into a substances painter, and then bake to extract A.O map.

Then, I used the A.O map as a mask and painted the pores.

Dragonfly Wing Shader

A blend material is a combination of transparent and colored materials that are used to make dragonfly wings.

As a way to make a unique rainbow-colored reflection feel of dragonfly wings, i made a ramp map in the photoshop with HDRI standard and applied it to the dom light texture to give that effect.

Thereafter, I used light links to apply domelight only affect on the wings.

Frog Dirty

I put the dirt on it with a MASH to show the frog's roll on the ground after jumping.


Background objects such as branches and plants were also look-dev for a realistic look.

The branches were sprinkled with bark and moss with MASH, and the plants were fluffed with X-gen Groom.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy it!

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