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Creature & Character Sculpting Reel

Creature & Character Sculpting Reel

Eneko Musitu Bravo
by enekogaueko on 28 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

An anthology of some creatures I've designed throughout the last year.

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“The last human thought of Robert Olmstead”
Game Ready Character done for Lightbox Academy for a Cosmic Horror themed IP based on "The Shadow over Innsmouth" by H.P. Lovecraf.

The general concept was to recreate the last moment in which, according to the novel, * SPOILER ALERT* the main character, Robert Olmstead, ends up transforming into a horrible sea creature. The idea was to capture how that last human thought of anguish, pain, despair at the realization of his terrible fate, is transformed into a piercing guttural roar.

Hand painted skin texture layers.

It was a big challenge to mix that extra fishy skin over the human one, as i wanted the human skin layers work as the base with a great shiny and iridiscent outer finish. Another goal was to mix fishy scattering with human one as well as the translucity of the teeth. I didn't want to use large visible scales, as I thought a mutation of micro scales that make up a “semi-human” skin was more accurate.

Texture refs

The objetive was to get a beautiful iridiscent and slimy finish for the skin. I opted for abyssal fish details in the jaw and eyes, as I did not want the typical “fish eyes” and preferred to bring them closer to those inert whitish eyes of deep sea fish.

Design phase:

Exploration silhouettes and thumbnails: There were many Deep Ones designs, I wanted to make a figure with a lot of fish weight but with anthropomorphic shapes, since the objective was to work a powerful exterior finish.

Itinerations: I tried different variants such as abyssal fish or even a piranha for the head, playing with a look from more human to more fishy.

Final Concept: I was unhappy with the overall body structure and thought he should have an Olympic swimmer build with a more distinctly mesomorph body and greater height. I also stuck with a previous version of the more menacing, roaring head that would express more of the concept's goal.

A concept idea for an Alien Saga prequel film.

Every creature designer wants to design a creature from the Alien saga. In my case I tried to interpret what I thought would be a Protomorph, the first Alien. I based myself on human evolution to design its skull as if it were a kind of Neanderthal Alien. I thought it should have a much more prominent and protected bone structure than the last transparent one, surely to be able to hit with it and defend itself in an environment where it was not yet an Apex Predator.

These are the Egg & Offspring of the Alien Eel design. 
The eggs are layed in safe areas until they are ready to hatch. They eat the soft shell of the egg to get the first nutrients and make a hole to exit. 
Intention was to make an underwater scene and study light in translucent materials.

I did this personal project without previous 3D knowledge and my goal was to work on the skin get a translucent result where the internal organs could be seen.

I wanted to achieve the final effect of a documentary about extraterrestrial marine life.

Shoggoth concept for a Lovecraft inspired Horror film based on "At the Mountains of Madness".

One of the most ambitious projects I did the year I started learning 3D without any basis. I wanted to recreate the Investigators' encounter with the Shoggoth from H.P. Lovecraft's novel “At the Mountains of Madness”. Although the novel talks about something that has no defined shape, I wanted to make an anthropomorphic version of a Lamprey, keeping the most characteristic feature of these creatures of Lovecraft, the hundreds of eyes.

In this project I had my first anatomical challenge in both shading and sculpting, as I had to base myself on overweight endomorphic oval bodies.

As it is a creature with many iconic elements, the eyes, the toothed mouth, the tentacular tongue, I had to balance well the weights of each element so that none of them eclipsed the previous one.

Character Concept for a SciFy IP.
Back in time Bob fought for the freedom of his volcanic planet as a soldier, but things didn't end well for him and his people. He has retired to a remote desert planet, whose high temperatures make him feel more at home, and works as a blacksmith, taking advantage of his great strength and his tough skin that withstands the heat.

The most ambitious of the inexperienced projects I did. I wanted to mix well the stone skin due to the origins of the character's lore, with human features in the expression, the eyes, the lips. So that it would not be simply “a being of stone”. The most important thing was to get the expression on his face that told the story of his past and the grief he goes through on a daily basis.

Once I created the expression and the bust in 3D I worked on the concept of the whole body in 2D to see how it fit. I didn't want to use a typical Bulky proportion so I based it on a more square shape so it wouldn't be the typical muscular character and would have a bit more personality.

K77. A project i made for fun and learning.

I didn't want to simply sculpt a dragon, which everyone does sometime (and I will do). So I tried to make a genetically engineered dragon hatchling, to mix scale sculpting with soft skin polish. I made several concepts to give weight to the story and tell the context of the creature.

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