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A FisherMan

A FisherMan

ShiJun Xu
by ShiJun on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a fisherman who does cormorant fishing in Guilin Li River, China. For the first work, I made Bruce Lee, my childhood idol.

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I created a fishing net and a rope and textured them.

The fishing net was made of a curve to create a knot, and it was made of polygons when I converted it. However it became quite heavy to handle, therefore I have rendered it with a renderable curve.

I also used ncloth to create a natural shape. 


My work process of Oldman

I first did some sculpting in the Zbrush. In this case, I pretty much had to sculpt with just one fixed reference; therefore, I’ve spent quite a struggle trying to approach various aspects of Oldman with limited sources. I’ve used other external sources to cover up the lack of references especially for the wrinkles on the neck and elbows. 

Right after the sculpting, I moved the Oldman to Mari and began texturing. Equally, I’ve tried my best to create it realistically by adding details on the wrinkles and freckles on the skin in Mari.  

Creating an elder and gentle looking hair with an Ornatrix. 

Furthermore, I’ve made clothes in Marvelous and added extra wrinkle details in Zbrush after the retopology processes. Also used Maya’s simulation to tie knots. 

I’ve used Substance Painter to texture the clothes and not only by the fineness of the texture but also by using the Vrayfur in Maya, I’ve raised the quality of the clothes. 

Used Advanced Skeleton5 tool for rigging parts.

For its facial expressions, I’ve used blendshape to create the expressions. In particular, I’ve often referred to online web sites using the keyword ‘Face the FACS’. 

Finally, I’ve done the animation works in Maya, compositing in Nuke and wrapped up all in one in After Effects.

My work process of Cormorant

In addition to Oldman, I’ve also created a Cormorant. Below shows the references of Oldman and Cormorant.

In the same way with the Oldman. I’ve used Zbrush sculpting, Mari texturing, Ornatrix and Advanced Skeleton for the Cormorant. Also used card-mapping to create feathers.

Bruce Lee

The below pictures you see is my first ever made portfolio. As I mentioned on the beginning of this page, Bruce Lee was my childhood idol and therefore I’ve done such work. Whole workflow was pretty much the same with the Oldman, however the only thing that was different from the Old man was that the hair was made with Xgen .

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