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Project - Mr. Google

Project - Mr. Google

Srimounica Rapalli
by SriMR on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I've created this work as a part of my Think Tank online's Mentorship journey. Special thanks to my Mentor, Adam O'Donnell for his incredible support throughout this project. This is a Likeness I created of my uncle, Mr. Suresh, whom I call Mr. Google (he has the answers for all the questions I ask :D).

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This being my first time attempting to create a likeness, I had this great opportunity to learn various methods to achieve the results I wanted. It has been an immensely productive experience overall

I've sculpted the Head in ZBrush and then UVs were done in Maya. The displacement details on head were done using  R3DS Wrap software.

The Kurta (clothing) was done in Marvelous Designer and then UVs in Maya..

The skin tags were done in ZBrush, using the mask produced from Mari. And the texturing - color correction and adding the coat maps were all done in Mari and taken back to Maya.

I've used XGen for creating hair

The Kurta textures and color corrections were done using Maya and Photoshop. And initially, the lighting was set to match the real photograph.

Later, I created the Rembrandt lighting. I always liked that kind of a look on portraits. 

This is my DemoReel for the project - Mr. Google.. Thanks for watching :)

This is the reference image of Mr. Suresh

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