Photorealistic digital 3D portraits

Photorealistic digital 3D portraits

Matej Gorup
by coltie12 on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The Rookies Awards 2022 Entry

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This is my entry for the Rookie Awards 2022; 3D portraits. I hope You like it!

Portrait likeness of Klaus Schwab, the Happy man!

Custom female 3D portrait!

^ Arnold Renderer, no post-process.

I know she resembles to Emilia Clarke a bit, but I haven't used her photos in my reference sheet. I made the portrait after no specific likeness.

My attempt to make a 3D likeness portrait of an actress Julia Garner.

 I have made a short video timelapse of a WIP process because it is always interesting to see hours and hours of work put in such a short time span. Hopefully, You will enjoy it! :D

BE WARNED; music might be too loud in the video!

3D models were sculpted in ZBrush.

Mari was used to add xyz textures. But I also made some tertiary details in ZBrush using HD Geometry.

Maya was used to create the sceneries, to add lights and a camera.

Each model had 3 UDIMs.

Used both Xgen Description and Xgen Interactive for hairs.

Final images were rendered in Arnold.

Visit my Artstation for some more.


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