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3D character

3D character

Mohammed Aminu Dadi
by MohammedDadi on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

3D character likeness of the Villain from the Netflix movie Living in bondage

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3D character creation of the Villain from the Netflix movie, Living in bondage. Spent a significant chunk of last year sculpting, painting, grooming and look-deving this character, and boy was it an incredible journey!

The 2019 Nollywood blockbuster was super-amazing. Not only was it a well-told story, it also had brilliantly put characters alongside some superb acting performances from the mother continent. To this day, Richard Williams played by the incredible Ramsey Nouah remains one of my favorite Nollywood Villains of all time

The model was sculpted in Zbrush with secondary tertiary and HD details for the most part done also in Zbrush.

The Diffuse maps, as well as spec and coat, were painted in Zbrush and then moved further into Mari for refinement.

Grooming was done in Xgen, retopology with Mayas quad draw, and UVs in Rizom UV.  The final renders were done in Arnold with post-processing completed in photoshop. Thanks for taking a look, Cheers! 

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