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Annina Weber Character Portfolio 2022

Annina Weber Character Portfolio 2022

Annina Weber
by annina on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I created these characters as part of my Think Tank Online journey. I loved developing a look for each of them and learned so much in the process. Thanks so much to my supervisors Magnus Skagerlund, Raffael Frank, my classmates and friends! Hope you enjoy!

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Based on a concept by Sam Hogg ,  A Dark Glance

My priority for this project was to keep the mood and expression really similar to the concept. I wanted him to look like he's been through some rough times but his exact story is up for interpretation.

For that, I really enjoyed painting his skin texture, layering redness, bruises, sun damage, and scars to get away from that heroic, pristine look. 

Clay Render - Portrait - XGen Alembics 

5 Week Progress

A full breakdown article of this project can be found here:



Based on concept art by Gianluca Rolli, GIOVE - Age of Pantheons

I wanted to capture an effortless sense of power with this project. The concept gave me a lot of freedom to pick materials though I wanted to keep the color palette limited and focus a lot on lighting

Portrait - Clay Render - XGen Guides

To get the shapes of Zeus' garments just like in the concept, I used many pins to create the folds and then froze them in place. For the cloth piece over his shoulder, the wind simulation tool was a big help

A full breakdown article of this project can be found here:

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