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I started doing 2D graphics when I was really young, as a logo designer, and stayed in the 2D design scene for a while. After graduating Middle School I found out about DAE, I instantly fell in love, this was what I wanted to do. I started learning from the ground up, Now I'm mostly focussed on 3D and Procedural art. Started this journey end 2022, and learning lots of new stuff really quick.

When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do when I got home from school was play Crash Bandicoot on our PS1 with my sister and my dad. We'd each take turns and pass around the controller. From there my love for videogames grew. I've always been really interested in art as well. After studying fine arts for 3 years, I realized I could simply merge my love for art with my love for games. So I went to study DAE in Kortrijk, which is what's brought me here! I hope you enjoy some of my work!

In my childhood I played a lot of video games and watched a lot of 2d/3d animations on tv. My love for 3d art started when I discovered the beautiful world of pokemon. 8 years ago I started playing League Of Legends and fell in love with the music videos that came out every year, that got me inspired for going to an art school, Digital Arts and Entertainment Howest!

3 years ago, when I started studying game design

I always loved watching the making-off of movies. One day I realized I wanted to be a part of that magical world. I've been working towards that goal ever since, hoping to be a part of a production that inspires others.

Corridor Crew on Youtube got me inspired to go and learn how they make these epic movies we see on the big screen in cinemas. So I went to Howest DAE in Kortrijk and started my journey to become one of them. So far I really enjoyed the courses I follow and I love hard surface modeling and texturing these models.

I realized I wanted to pursue art about 5 years ago! I studied languages at the time but then realized I would much rather pursue creative art in the games and animation industry. My goal is to be able to blend 2D and 3D art together and I aim to become a Character Artist!

From a young age on, i've always been fascinated with games and movies, not only how they told a story but also how they did certain effects and visual environments. A big part of this was the Lord of the Rings franchise that really pulled me into these kind of fantasy worlds. I always dreamed of making games or visual effects in movies but only started to realise what that really meant when i got into Digital Arts and Entertainment at Howest.

I've always been interested in 3D art. Ever since I was a little child I enjoyed watching animated movies or playing video games. At age 13 I started to learn graphic design and during that time I moved more and more into 3D.

Movies, games and books always sucked me into these insane worlds seprate from ours or an alternate version of our reality. I'd lose myself for hours in these, I was so intrigued by these ideas that It got to the point where I just had to build these worlds myself, you know? Game development became my forte. I wasn't satisfied just playing and exploring anymore, I craved making them. Delivering similar stories and worlds that I grew up being fascinated by.

Near the end of highschool I realised what I was studying was not something for me, I always had an intrest in 2D and 3D art. Then I heard of a school pretty close to where I lived where they teach you all about the digital arts for games and movies. I was hooked.

I first found out about digital art 5 years ago when training for a fine art university entree exam and have been loving it more and more everyday. Creating games is such an innovative way to communicate with my audiences and satisfiy my artistic need.

I think when I first watched an animated show or cartoon, I wanted to recreate appearing types of characters. I was probably around the age of 4 or 5 when I started drawing and building with LEGOs (as stupid as it sounds) and where my "creative" part of my brain got activated. Since then, up until now I have always been in contact with creative activities. It was when I graduated high-school that I wanted to create art/props in a more professional way, especially in video games.

I have always been passionate about art and games in many ways - that's why I want to turn my hobbies into my job!

I remember playing Jak & Daxter (Naughty Dog) all the time when I was a kid. I even wrote a mail to Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin (creators) to thank them for creating this immersive and amazing game. This was the moment I started looking into game concept art and environments. Fascinated by the color palettes and compositions as my passion for this industry grew.

The creative media and entertainment industry has always intrigued me . It is a really good outlet for my creativity and I enjoy it immensely.

I have been drawing since I was a young girl. After I finished highschool, I enrolled in art school where I obtained my first bachelors degree in fine arts. After graduation, I realized I wanted to keep studying and went to Howest DAE to study game design . Wanting to work as an artist did not come to me as a sudden realisation, it just happened naturally. I simply don't see myself do anything else rather than make art for the rest of my life. It's the one thing that's always been with me.

When I was younger I played a lot with LEGO, building anything and everything I could with any parts I had lying around, later on that translated to games where I was managing cities, building houses and enviroments, admiring the work others made with simple building blocks provided in those games, later on I discovered how games were being developped, and I concluded that what's even more fun than building things in games, is building the very game inself!

The day I started highschool I knew that I wanted to study art, but coming from a big family my parents wanted me to first study two years of ASO (study in my country, more theory based) before they would consider letting me pick something that I would really like. After crunching those two years I still wanted to do the same, I wanted to create art. there was this school called KTA Brugge which had a learning curriculum called DAFE (Digital Arts Film and Entertainment) so my art journey began.

I was always obsessed with drawing in my sketchbook to create my own worlds and characters. Discovering this industry gives that obsession a chance to turn into a job sold me right away.

After I was introduced into modeling, and having a good teacher who taught us all the secrets and shortcuts we could use. that really got my attention, I was always curious to learn more. I was first introduced into modeling using Autocad // Seeing lots of cool CGI trailers and their breakdowns also got my interest seeing how they did it. // Last but not least by playing AAA games, and looking at how they did it. //

In my fifth year of my middle school I knew I wanted to do DAE and study for a job in the games/film industry. And now, here I am, creating cool and inspiring stuff. I always want to tell a story through my props, environments, lighting,... .

When I was younger I loved playing games. Mostly because of how games can put the player into a completely new world. And this is what I wanted to do as well. I always wanted to be able to show people new places, whether they exist or not. I loved all of the locations that games showed me, didn't mater if it was a grungy sci fi city or a lively fantasy forest with lots of colors .