Valley of The Pale Lady

Valley of The Pale Lady

Rigole Maxime
by maximerigole on 29 May 2020

In a remote valley located inside Feudal Japan, a great cherry blossom referred to as "The Pale Lady" watches over the temple that nurtures her...

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For this personal project I wanted to create a walkable level, and also experiment with quixel, one thing I now strive for is to make everything myself as much as I can, so I adapted quixel textures for my models instead of just downloading quixel assets from bridge. I also wanted to try out quixel mixer to make my buildings trim texture and learn the program.

Extra shots :

Video of the scene :

foliage assets and props/ architectural assets :

All assets have custom LOD's and collision for optimization sake and are made in maya.


afterword :

I learned a lot about set dressing and asset workflow on this project, and appreciate everything I learned both in my internship and from people outside that I got to know while making this, Im very happy with the result, and in the future I will focus more on in depth projects, trying to make something small and very good rather then large and acceptable, so keep on looking forward to that ! 

As always thank you all for the support and feedback, and if you want to chat feel free to hit me up!

goodbye for now!

- Rigole Maxime

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