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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Silke Van Der Smissen
by SilkevdSmissen on 6 Mar 2021

A quick unreal engine environment inspired by The Last of Us. It's mostly made up out of megascans, and was meant as an exercise on mood, lighting and composition.

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I was tasked with creating a realistic environment that fit the theme "ruins". I've been wanting to make a more post apocalyptic, outdoors, natural scene for the longest time. So I saw this as a golden opportunity to just go for it. I was inspired by this amazing concept by Daniel Percy. But I still tried to still give it my own little twist. I wanted it to feel slightly more hopeful and peaceful. The last of us games have been a huge inspiration for me.

The focus of this project was mood and lighting, and focusing on - and perfecting a singular shot all in a very limited amount of time. This allowed me to work with the megascans library, and a bunch of other free asset packs that I found on the epic games store. For the house I frankenstein-ed a bunch of megascans, with some of my own geometry and other assets I found online. To finish it off though , I created the red wood siding material in Substance Designer.

I hope you enjoy!
You can check it out on my artstation:
Daniel Percy's Concept:

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