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Twilight Temple - light adaptive foliage

Twilight Temple - light adaptive foliage

Rigole Maxime
by maximerigole on 24 Mar 2020

As an adventurer walks into the valley of a strange alien planet, the temple entrance suddenly collapses behind him... Twilight temple is my latest environment featuring light adaptive foliage.

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For my graduation work, I decided that I wanted to find a way to make plants react to light inside unreal engine. the first 4 weeks were spent mainly blueprinting and finding an efficient and optimised method, and the last 2 weeks were spent on making the environment to showcase the final result.

Everything in the scene is made by myself except for the rocks and floor texture.  

Video of the scene in action :

some more shots from inside the scene :

Lighting only :

foliage in the scene day vs night :

Modular temple assets and trim texture made in substance designer :

Work in progres images :

This was by far my most challenging environment and I learned a whole lot trough out the experience, I hope you like it as I do! 

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