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1960 Detomaso Mangusta

1960 Detomaso Mangusta

benjamin ghys
by benjaminghys on 3 May 2019

This was my first time modeling a car using subD I had a lot of fun modeling this car because I'm interested in cars along with their inner mechanics and technicalities.

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vintage render done in Photoshop

beauty render

Clay // Wire frame // Color // Beauty

more beauty renders

all the renders above were done with the traditional Arnold
all of the renders below were rendered using the  Arnold GPU beta access

This was my first time modeling a car using the subD modifier.

I learned from the mistakes I made, to do more in less time.
I now know how to make use of polyloops, and try to have as few polygons as required.
While also trying to have as few E and N poles in my cage.

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