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Before We Fade [UE4]

Before We Fade [UE4]

Annelien Heyninck
by annelienheyninck on 23 Apr 2020

~ Endure and survive A small scene in Unreal to learn how to make a believable scene with a nice mood. Most of the assets I used are from Megascans. Trying to capture realism with this amazing concept from Etienne Beaulieu: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GX6EQN

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When I created this scene I really wanted to learn how to make something look believable and how to get a mood across.

I've been enjoying lighting more and more in Unreal and I wanted to toy around with it in this scene to create a hopeful mood.

Most of the assets I used are from Megascans since this scene wasn't about modeling, but the focus was composition, lighting, mood.


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