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I enjoy immersing myself within my craft of character art and game development. I also like exploring and pushing character quality both visually and technically within restrictions of real-time rendering.

I wanted to work with games and make art from a very young age. Due to difficulties and other life situations perusing art wasn't an option. When I migrated to Sweden i saw the opportunity and started learning on my own until two years ago that made the jump to quite my job and enroll into an art / game development school to chase my dream.

I have always been a storyteller and for half a decade I have been learning and experimenting with different ways to bring those stories to life.

When I was a young boy creative work caught my interest and, since then, I just continued.

It only took a sunset over the Niben Bay in Cyrodiil.

I've always loved digital games ever since I was a child. After high school I took a chance and got into a 3D graphic program first at Södertörn university and then at Futuregames. I'm currently focusing on using artstation as my main portfolio though. My Linked In account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/malinzattlin/ My Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/malin_zattlin

When i first got into the "Graphics for game development" -program at university.

I first realized that I wanted to work with creative media was at high school. I just created my first 3D model with correct UV-mapping and good looking textures, In my mind it looked like a model strait from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I was so happy and proud of it, which made me to do more and more. I had so much fun doing this creative work which made me realize that this is something I want to work with and continue doing .

I realized that I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry around 4-5 years ago. At some point 3D environments became my main focus as through environments I could share stories with others and create a space they could explore. Now I’m specializing in organic environments and vegetation. I find it interesting to observe how nature works and to learn about different techniques of bringing that experience into 3D.

I worked with Editorial Illustration for many years but something that always bothered me was that the final products of my work represented medias that I didn't consume or didn't believe in. Shortly after that, I started learning game development by myself and released a couple of very simple games - the public reaction was completely different from anything I did before, and that's what motivated me to move across the world to attend a game dev school in Sweden, where I study now!

I've realized quite recently that i actually been interested in working with games for quite a long time. I started with creating games in old RPG Maker 2003 and using the map editor for Battlefield 1942 way back. Drawing and painting has always been a important interest to me, but its not until the last few years that i realized that i wanted to create art for games. 2 Years ago i quit my non-artistic day job to pursue a career as a artist.

I've played video games since I was a kid and also did a lot of creative work like drawing, music, acting and photography. As a creative soul I am more than eager to continue my journey in the gaming and entertainment industry.

I wanted to work in a creative media from the moment I realized it was an option. I am endlessly fascinated by all the wonderful art and experiences out in the world and I want to be part of that.

I've always been a big fan of the gaming industry and I've more or less involved with games ever since I was born. I realized during Blizzcon 2017 that making games is something people actually can do for a living, and I just went for it and applied to Futuregames.

A couple of years ago when I found out about my school Futuregames.

After finishing my first internship at a law firm, I realized that this was not for me, sadly I hadn't done any kind of art since I last held a crayon and so I moved into a very technical art direction. However, I had always wanted to get back into "real" art and so. When I in September of 2017, on the very date of my 30th birthday got the opportunity to enroll in the 3D Game Art program at Futuregames, I took a leap of faith and quit my current job as a CAD technician.

When I was 10 and picking up a guitar for the first time. I drawed alot as a kid but when I picked up that guitar something happened. I knew what I wanted to do. At least at the time I thought I did. I went to music schools and educations and was a musician until about three years ago. That's when I had had enough of touring and being away from family and friends almost all the time. I had found a passion that had grown stronger than music - 3D.

Back in 2010 I was not happy with the direction my life was heading towards, and I needed a change. Video games have been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. The switch into game development felt natural, and it did not take long before I was engrossed in the sea of knowledge and challenges that lay before me.

Art has been my passion since childhood. Initially nicknamed "painter" since grade-school, my fascination with cartoons and games led me to explore game art, which often was deemed unconventional. Despite early skepticism by many, this path has evolved into a thriving creative outlet in the dynamic game industry, allowing me with perfect timing to seize and fully express my artistic vision.

After completing a bachelors degree within the humanities I found myself loosing passion. I worked to keep a roof over my head and found nothing in my life interesting. I had attended a traditional arts school before going into university and wanted to feel the same passion I did when creating traditional arts. After visiting an open house event at an EA office in Stockholm I knew where the next chapter in my story had to start and thus my journey to once again work with creativity began.

While being mesmerized by the immersive worlds of games and movies I watched while growing up. I realized pretty fast these were the sorts of things I wanted to be involved with and help create.

I was basically born with a game pad in my hands and my love and passion for games has been a big part of my life. I started out with a NES, playing all the classics like Mega Man, Zelda and Metroid and have since been a committed player of games from all generations. I have played games all my life, now I want to make them.

after gymnasium my inters in 3d modeling grow stronger and a started considerate it as a career path. right now im a student at Future Games and preparing my self for the working life as an Game Artist.