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Circus Challenge

We first launched this challenge back in May 2011. It's time to revisit all the exotic animals, performers and wonder that was created for us all those years ago.

Circus Challenge
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Circus Challenge | Character Design

This contest is targeted towards concept artists, illustrators, modelling artists, texture artists and lighting TDs. All other artists are allowed to enter and will be considered fairly based on their entry.

The Brief

Create a character that you would like to find in the Circus.

The character can be from any show or any type of performance. The character can be from ancient Roman to the modern day show. Even new types of unseen performances are permitted. New acrobats, old or young, tightrope walkers realistic or cartoon, strong-men or even strong-women. Freak shows of Victorian times, clowns, fire breathers or clown-breathing fire freaks! Cannonball midgets, lion-tamers, knife throwers, high divers, candyfloss and custard pies!

Lets make this the greatest show on earth.

Judging Criteria

  • The Process - we want to see your process from start to finish. This contest uses the Play by Play project builder which means you can share every little update similar to a forum.
  • Technical & Creative Skills - it doesn’t matter if you are a modeller, a texture artist or lighting TD. The key here is how you showcase your skills.

For full requirements, guidelines and deliverables please read the Official Rules.

Character Design