The Enchanted Trapeze
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The Enchanted Trapeze

Serguei Krikalev
by skrikalev on 27 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

A Trapeze artist for the Circus Challenge

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Update - 30 Apr 2019

Final Submission

Hi guys! That's my final submission. As I said before I did need keep my focus at the artistic aspect because of time and because of challenge goal ( Character Design). I used BPR render from ZBrush and Photoshop to comp my final render. I really hope you like it.

Part of the process. AOVs for compositing.

Here is my ZBrush passes. General view.

My first composition test.

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Update - 29 Apr 2019

Hi, guys! One more update. Now I update the fantasy again, make up, hair details and overall details! Remembering all hair was done with Ornatrix and so imported into ZBrush.

And here a final turntable! :)

Update - 29 Apr 2019

Now hair update (made with Ornatrix for Maya and exported to ZBrush), fantasy and Make Up besides more face adjustments. Almost there!

Update - 29 Apr 2019

Hi guys! Sending one more update. Now we are in final stage of the challenge. I reworked a little bit more the anatomy, I added more details at the fantasy, added make-up and subtle fix at the pose to get more balance. As the challenge is focused at the Character design I will do my final render at ZBrush BPR to gain more time and keep my focus at the artistic aspect. I hope you like. Soon I'll send the final piece.

Update - 27 Apr 2019

More elements to move the work to the right direction and for my surprise she seems a man here and it was not planned :(. Time to fix the face, thinking in a better fantasy and working in the anatomy again. Sad ! :/

I think with this fantasy will be better. It seems a man yet but working on it. LoL

Update - 27 Apr 2019

Anatomy, anatomy and anatomy. And now, besides it I tried to insert new elements and colors to get a better previz of the character.

Update - 27 Apr 2019

One more pass. Working on anatomy. I confess, working on an asymmetry character is a big challenge but a nice experience at the same time.

Update - 27 Apr 2019

Here is my first editing in ZBrush trying to fix the pose, anatomy, balance and the sense of movement. Cheers! :)

Update - 27 Apr 2019

My first pose test! A lot of work to do hehehehe

Update - 27 Apr 2019

Hi there! Serguei Krikalev here. Well, I entered in the contest a little bit late so I had only 13 days to do something :(. I always liked Character Art ( Design and Modeling) so because that I'm here trying to make some special for you. With a tight time I did need to keep the focus at the artistic aspect from the challenge. I started with a base mesh I made while back and I rigged it for pose ( I know I need to improve my basemesh hahaha).