Soleil Wright - Circus Acrobat
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Soleil Wright - Circus Acrobat

Leslie Jean Stowe
by lesliestowe on 2 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

A hand-painted stylised character inspired by the circus

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Update - 29 Apr 2019

And it is done! You can view the full breakdown on my artstation:

I added a cloth sim to the skirt by using Marvelous Designer. This was because I was rendering in Marmoset. However, for when I create the avatar for VRChat, I can use Unity's Cloth object to recreate the effect.

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Update - 28 Apr 2019

I've decided to make this character as a VRChat avatar. Because of this, I made a few blendshapes for the mouth and am using this as well for the final pose. Here are some screenshots of the pose and blendshape setup. 

I'm going to take the character quickly into Marvelous Designer so that I can sim the cloth on the skirt and then will render in Marmoset.

Update - 25 Apr 2019

So texturing is pretty much done, I might come back and tweak a few things. I do have a bit of space I saved for adding the baubles, mouth bag, teeth and tongue which will be added next. I'm really looking forward to posing this character in a few different poses suggested in the concept. For now, here is a render in Marmoset of what I've done so far along with the maps I have used. 

Update - 25 Apr 2019

Been adding some more to the texture map - fixing any issues, Adding shadow and highlight and detailing the gold parts. I separated out the layers of the clothes, skin and details so that it was easier to add extra details in 3D coat. 

I need to:

Fix up the opacity map for the skirt

Add highlights to the hat, skirt and bombs

Add back the details layer

Add a mouth bag so that I can make face animations at a later date

Add baubles to the neck-piece like in the concept

Add bombs onto the belt 

Update - 23 Apr 2019

Some more progress from hand painting today :) Got to make fabric details in the diffuse map

Update - 22 Apr 2019

Spent the afternoon making the base gradients in Substance Painter. Will be bringing it back to 3D coat to add details and paint the face. Also will fix a few issues where there are seams. 

Update - 22 Apr 2019

At the texturing stage now :D Have made the greyscale bake and now will alter it in 3D coat. Once that is done, I'll be making the base gradients in Substance Painter as it is really quick to bake out an ID map then use the gradient filter along with the Colour selection mask tool to block out the base colours of the character. Once that is done, it will be back into 3D coat to make the final colour map.

Update - 16 Apr 2019

Spent this evening working on the details of the clothes. Will be moving onto retopo at the weekend and any tweaks on the sculpt from the feedback I receive. Really looking forward to texturing her in 3D coat ^^

Update - 10 Apr 2019

Everything has been blocked out. Now I need to sculpt in the finer details such as the stitching, cloth folds and other details before I start retopology

The different bombs that attach to the belt on the skirt

Update - 5 Apr 2019

Started blocking out the clothes and made some tweaks to the proportions/anatomy. 

Update - 4 Apr 2019

Blockout from today. Will be adding clothing block out tomorrow along with any anatomy tweaks

Update - 3 Apr 2019

Worked on creating the skeleton block out following Shane Olsen's method. I'm following a 7.5 heads proportion. This will be useful for knowing the bony landmarks of the model. This will be very important as this character is wearing skin tight clothes where the anatomy will be visible.

Update - 2 Apr 2019

For this contest, I will be making a circus acrobat based on Celeste Tan's concept:

I hope to learn 3D coat to create a hand-painted stylised character.