Circus Song
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Circus Song

Monica Benya
by monicabenya on 5 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

Stylized Character based on "Circus Song" By S1077 Song on Artsation. Link to the piece can be found here:

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Update - 1 May 2019

Aaaand we made it! I'm really glad I managed to make it on time, this experience has been absolutely wonderful! From pushing me to learn Marvelous, to getting a chance to brush up in Marmoset, this project really made April productive. I had a lot of fun bringing such a beautiful concept to life! 

Slide to see renders with/ without fog 

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Update - 30 Apr 2019

Aaaaand Low poly done! With midterms taking over my life I haven't had much time to touch this project, so final stretch here we go! Topology done in Maya using Quad Draw and bakes done in Substance Painter. Time to move on to textures and posing! Cutting it close, but I think I will make it! 

These are screenshots taken out of the substance viewport, will be posting nicer renders once textures are complete. 

Update - 26 Apr 2019

Quick update on the sculpt! I am now working on Topology and UV's, and going to soon move on to texturing. 

Update - 12 Apr 2019

Hey everyone!

 He're the updated model. I still have  along way to go, but I'm glad I got to start on the hair. It has really been fun trying to get the shapes to work from different angles based on the reference only being seen from one. The stylized look of the character has been something I have loved attempting, and am looking forward to continue on pushing. I am hoping to try and use Marvelous Designer for the clothes, as I have not yet got to try that program and feel as though this is a great character to try it with. Hopefully it all goes smoothly! The next steps will be sculpting her boots and attempting clothes in Marvelous. I will also get started on her props to start considering the scene I want to set up with her. Looking forward to seeing this piece come together! 

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Update - 5 Apr 2019

Hello everyone! 

Here is the first update of the project- a rough blockout! I started with individual shapes I could easily move around , dynamesh and zremesh to keep the clay easy to sculpt on. Picking such a stylized character has been a bit of a challenge, but definitely a fun one! Moving forward I will be addressing some of the softness in the model, merging the body into a single subtool and making sure the face is on model. I'm also looking forward to tackling the hair, it looks like such an exciting endeavor. 

Update - 5 Apr 2019

Update - 5 Apr 2019

I am super excited for this challenge! After spending days trying to find the perfect concept art, I decided to go ahead and pick this incredible piece:

"Circus Song"  Is an illustration by S1077 Song on Arstation