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Circus Challenge Rules


Valid submissions must:

  • Include JPG or PNG screenshots/renderings.
  • Not use registered trademarks eg: company names and logos.
  • Must include new work that has been created for this contest only.


  • Entrants are allowed to submit videos and 3D models to help showcase their work.
  • Entrants can use any software.
  • You are allowed to use fanart and concept art provided by other artists. Where possible, please make sure to get approval and clearly acknowledge their contribution.

Judging Criteria

  • The Process - we want to see your process from start to finish. This contest uses the Play by Play project builder which means you can share every little update similar to a forum.
  • Technical & Creative Skills - it doesn’t matter if you are a modeller, a texture artist or lighting TD. The key here is how you showcase your skills.
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