C`mon light my fire =)
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C`mon light my fire =)

Anna Tofa
by hallelujah on 3 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

Meet my fire breather girl) This cutie loves to play with matches and knows how to make it right!

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Update - 30 Apr 2019

Annnnd i guess it`s done.. Couldn`t make bad ass render, because didn`t leave any time for it, I`m so sorry(((  But i managed to make sort of a rig and pose, i haven`t been doing this for quite looong time, so it took forever X_x

Thank you so much, hope you're enjoying my work! Also a lot lot lot of Thanks to my amazing husband for supporting and constantly kicking my ass ^.^


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Update - 29 Apr 2019

Hello, everyone!  Woah deadline is creeping out and i think im done with texturing part! Maybe will tweak some details on final renderings though))

Im really happy with how those high knee socks turned out)

Thank you for stopping by and reaaly thank you for comments, means so much to me!)

Have  a wonderful day!

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Update - 24 Apr 2019

Hello everyone! Just one week left to finish! Oh my...

I figured out  a clothes and a hairstyle of my model, unwrapped everything, made a high poly mesh and currently baking maps.. it`s gonna take a while because my Pc isn`t the best(

I didn`t add all of the details, only those I wanted to have detais on a normal map, other stuff i think i will add on the texture. Also braids are straight here, but i will bend them after i bake maps ':D  Its my first work so the workflow is kinda messy(( but I`ll get better I promise)

The skirt part will have an alpha channel so it will be more interesting.

Thanks everyone!

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Update - 12 Apr 2019

Hello guys! =) 

I`ve been working on this model for whole week but due to the lack of experience it`s moving so slow and i really have noone to ask for advise..  Anyway I`m really happy to participate  - sort of level up for me :D

 During this time I was trying to:

1.  Improve the basic shape and make proper retopology:

2. Made very cute teeth and was digging with this braid (oh my do i have to make retopology of it? or make "realistic" hair? still haven`t decide it yet)

3. I made UVs for the body, teeth and eyes. Eyes i made with two shapes so it`s sort of close to human eye i guess)) Also i made a quick sketch of an iris so i can understand a little better how it looks like..

She is still naked but i guess i will use parts of her body to extrude clothes..  doing double work i guess, but it`s ok, will know better next time)

4. Still thinking of how to dress her up, so i was digging with cloth system in blender to make nice shapes of the ruffles of the skirt.. takes sooo much time so it almost feels like hours dissapear to nowhere :O  also tried to sculpt wrinkles but since my sketch is so rough, leave so much freedom for interpretation and is actually mine so i can change it anytime, i might end up changing her clothes)))

Thank you for stopping by! Please comment =)

Update - 3 Apr 2019

Hello there)

I know there is still long way to go, need to look through proportions, add clothes, make braids and stuff

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Update - 1 Apr 2019

Hi everyone! I`m quite not sure how it works, it is basically my first contest, so i hope i will figure it out, bear with me please :)

I`m so exited about this contest so the second i knew about it i started to sketch =) I`m gonna make a firebreather girl, or die trying)