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Trapeze artist
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Trapeze artist

Cristian Carranza
by criscrnz on 12 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

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Update - 30 Apr 2019

Final submission 

Even though I had to rush through some steps, I'm glad I've finished my entry on time.  I always liked trapeze artists that fly through  the sky with grace and I added a fantasy aspect with the mechanical arm. Hope you like it.


Additional renders

Passes for composition

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Update - 25 Apr 2019

So in the past days I've finished the Xgen hair, eye brows and eye lashes (previous ones were geometry), created the head piece, set up the hair shadder, fixed the eyes geometry and mapping and updated the mechanical hand so it looks less like a glove and more like a machine.

Time to rig, pose, render and compose. I hope I can do it on time. Gotta hurry!

Finished head

Update - 22 Apr 2019

XGen Hair

I've been working on the hair for the past days and finally I've got to a semi final state on this.

Hair test render with default shader.

Xgen guides.

First tests with the aiStandardHair shadder.

 I still have to decide on which hair color will be the final. So far I'm thinking red or light brown fit better.

Update - 20 Apr 2019

Second pass on the textures and MtoA shadder. I finally landed on a color scheme that I like and suits the style. Now it's time to work on the grooming 

Update - 19 Apr 2019

First pass on skin textures. This will need some updates when I get into the look dev.

Renders from SP Iray.

Update - 19 Apr 2019

First pass on the arm and clothes textures finished. I still need to tweak the color combinations to make it fit with each other and with the syle I'm aiming for. Time will be an important factor from now on, but I'll put the effort to finish the project in the next two weeks.

Arm renders are straight out of SP and the clothes render is from MtoA (displacement included). 

Update - 15 Apr 2019

Current state of my project. I finished the geometry for the mechanical arm.

Update - 12 Apr 2019