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Rookie Awards 2022 | Career Opportunities

2G Studio Finalists

2G Studio is looking for three lucky winners to (virtually) mentor from the Arch viz category.

Christian Frederik Pedersen


Denmark | 3D College



after I got acquainted with the world of architecture, and i started self-study on autocad youtube for the first time, and i started getting to know sketchup and where did i meet 3dsmax and this changed my ninja way

Lagouche Benjamin


France | Brassart

As a child I dreamed of having a Pokémon as a pet, it was a very childish dream but then I had the idea to recreate them in the real world and 3D was the most "accessible" way to realize this dream. The 3D allows to create a complete universe and to give the illusion that this universe is real. So I really got into 3D 2 years ago when I wanted to enter the Brassart school by following tutorials on Blender.

Melvin LE CAM


France | Brassart

I've always loved drawing and creating things on my own. From a very young age, I had the idea of working in this environment. For me, 3d and animation were the next necessary steps for my evolution. I can express what I want people to feel with as much freedom as possible.

Rustom Tamayo



I have been studying Architecture for the past five years, but then I realize I like to do visualization.


Spain | Factoria 5 Training Hub

I'm an architect and I've always liked architectural visualization. After working for more than 10 years in some architectural firms I’ve finally studied 3DS Max to focus only in developing photorealistic images.

Iqbal Deogratias


Indonesia | SOA - State of Art Academy

When I can stay awake and not be bored even for a second from doing rendering work

Akash Jain



I've always been good in drawings, sketching etc. since childhood. The passion to bring imaginations to reality pushed me to pursue my career as an interior designer. During my diploma in Interior designing course, I got introduced to software's like Autodesk 3ds max, Google SketchUp, V-ray and adobe photoshop. I was fascinated with the amount of impact a digital image (3d render) brings both mentally and emotionally. This is one of the reasons I realized to work in the creative industry.

Sebastià Mercadal



My whole life has been remarkably related to design, although I also found time for other hobbies related to art, guitar, and piano playing. The Bachelor in Architecture has taught me about the importance of developing accurate 3d models and pleasant final images. Furthermore, a wide skill-set is key for me that's why I've always combined academic studies with teaching myself how to edit photos and videos. Taking into my background and hobbies, I realize my future was in the ArchViz industry.



When I finished my degree in architecture two years ago I was kind of lost about my future, I didn't know what to specialize in since I loved many different areas , so I decided to work on each and every one of them until I found the one that really satisfied me. Without a doubt, after all the work experience, the field that gave me the most personal satisfaction was by far the architectural visualization. That is when I decided to start training in this area professionally.



I am interior designer, always interested in the art and creative industry. I have a multidisciplinary background in the design field. After a few years working in London as graphic designer I decided study architectural visualization in School-ing. It's when I realise that I wanted to be 3D visualiser. We are almost in the middle of the course and It's being one of my best desition in my life.

Maria Anchel Garcia



I liked to paint since I was small, but my future at school was a science career, but I started to looking for info about Interior Design and i found that, this career was perfect for me. Once I was at te career the most interesting thing for me was the ArchViz, then I continued my studies in that direccion and now I'm studying at Schooling since January.



After working a couple of years as an architect I realized that my real passion was the visualisation, not woking in a studio doing executive architectural projects.

Laura del Barrio



Since I was a child, I have dreamt of becoming an architect. As the years went by, my interest in art, photography and design grew. I graduated in Architecture & Design and I was always interested in the artistic part that related both worlds. ArchViz is my passion because of the ability to communicate a project from a specific perspective. Being able to build other realities, create a story from a visual approach and generate emotions in others is something really exciting.

Emma Meilán



I've been inmersed in creative media since my childhood: dancing and painting were my two main ways of expression during that period of my life. Later on, I studied Architecture and after many years of working for different companies, I came to realize that it was important for me to integrate my technical skills with my artistic soul, in order to feel confortable and fulfilled in my job. This is why I made the decision to enroll in SCHOOL-ING, taking a leap of faith.


Spain | Voxel School

With some artistic background (painting, photography, sculpture,...) and after studing product design I just realised the part I enjoyed the most was the rendering one, when you put all the textures, linghting and all the little details to make it realistic. Like a photographer, but virtually.

Raquel Gonzalez Ruano


Spain | 24studio

When I finished my career in technical architecture and started a Master degree in interior design, I realised that my real passion was to create real visualizations of the interiors (also exteriors). Is because of that I started studying another Master degree but this time in Arquitectural Visualization in 24 studio.


Spain | Voxel School



New Zealand | Victoria Univerity of Wellington

When I was 15 I was very passionate about the artistic visual expression of fantasy worlds and characters. This lead me to become inspired and motivated to contribute to the development of such worlds in the film industry. I believe that there is no cap on our collective imagination when we work together to turn fantasy into reality and that the possibilities of what can be achieved in film are limitless.

Sal Armetta


United States | thomas jefferson university

Around 2016