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Journey at School-ing

Journey at School-ing

by RoblesBarreroLaura on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Journal of my progress in the course of Architectural Visualization in School-ing.

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Grete Jalk, 1963

This was my first furniture modeling project. I decided to recreate a singular chair made by Grete Jalk, pioneer of Scandinavian modernism, each piece made for the evolving interiors and design sensibilities of the day.

The ergonomics of this chair implies a complexity in its modeling, which was a good challenge, trying to model the complete chair from a plane.

Exercise that combines modeling with composition and product display.

Animal Adventure Island  /  Fenhom·URO

This is my first personal interior project. I wanted to choose a project with a different mood and trying to go out of my comfort zone with complex modeling.

Six Square House / Young Projects

First exterior project carried out at the school. I chose this project whose complexity lies in the modeling of the roofs and the realization of the forest, this would allow me to broaden my modeling skills and explore the forest forest pack tool and the posibilities of the 3D environments.

Project still in progress.

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