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The journey goes on

The journey goes on

by paul10692 on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Sort of projects made during Architectural Visualization course in School-ing, Madrid

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Here goes some projects that i did last year during School-ing course.

Modeled in 3dsMax using Vray, Forest Pack, Rail Clone, Anima AXYZ, SiNi Software and GrowFX. Postproduction done in Photoshop.

Inspirated by San Miguel de Allende's House

Architects: Fabián m escalante h arquitectos

Photography: Jorge Succar 

Inspirated by Apartment V

Architects: Architres Studio

Photograpgy: Gergo Gosztom

Inspirated by Albabel Restaurant

Interior design: Masquespacio

Photography: Luis Beltrán

Team Work

Collab: Manu Oria and Diego Vargas

Personal project

Madrid, Spain

Personal Project

Personal Project

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