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Exploring a world of possibilities

Exploring a world of possibilities

Laura del Barrio
by lauradelbarrio on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My personal journey during the Architectural Visualization course in School-ing.

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The beginning

My first project at School-ing course is O-Asis House by The Ranch Mine. The greatest difficulty of the project was to simulate the terrain full of rocks of different sizes in relation to the arid environment. The lighting, the choice of vegetation and materials pursue the idea of ​​visualizing the architecture as an oasis in the middle of the desert.

New way of modeling

After almost three months of lessons we learned the technique of polygonal modeling and texturing in a more complex way. I chose the 'Fauteil de Salon' by Jean Prouvé for Vitra. Likewise, as you can see in the following image, I tried to simulate a studio lighting based on product photography references.

My favorite part: Composition

The following two weeks, we learned about composition. It was then that I realized that composition is the Archviz's part that I like the most because of the creative process. Being able to configure all the elements of the image (color, shapes, directions, symmetries...) in order to convey the idea that I can create and transform as an artist, for me is like a child's play: pure fun.

In this first composition exercise I wanted to create a moving story: in any unfavorable situation there will always be glimmer of hope. The frame aims to direct the viewer's gaze towards the main focus: architecture as a saving place. This is also gently illuminated by rays of light that can be seen despite the fog. The lights of the street lamps along the street reinforce the directionality of the composition. Finally, I tried to create an emotional connection and complete the storytelling by choosing a parent-child relationship.

A connection with the Film industry

In this second composition exercise I tried to recreate my own ambience of the movie 'The Revenant' generated by the color contrast between the sky and the vegetation and the absence of elements.

First interior project

I chose this apartment for its sophisticated character, the combination of classic and modern elements, as well as the design furniture and the space decoration. The most difficult part was Texturing all the elements, trying to reach the maximum possible realism and focusing on the details.

Furthermore, it was then that I understood the importance of the post-production process to enhance the value of an image.

Being productive

This is the last job I can show you. I'm still working on it but I think it has put my skills as a 3D Artist to the test by facing a big challenge: modeling an entire retail project in just two weeks.

I hope to show you this project finished next year and many others. I am looking forward to continue learning and enjoying this magnificent profession!

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