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During my final year of a Bachelor of Music, I was doing sound design/compositions for video games which sparked an interest for the creative process of making video games. When making a portfolio as entry for a games/animation degree I discovered an enjoyment for creating environments and level design.

I wanted to pursue animation and being a concept artist around 2019 while I was at University. I then applied for the Animal Logic Academy and it was there that I gained experience and now have aspirations to become a concept and layout artist.

I have always wanted to work as a visual development artist in film and games as I was inspired by their ability of visual story telling and immersion into new worlds. Inspiring others to follow their passions is my goal and I hope to inspire others the same way that films and games did for me growing up.

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in 2D Art and Design, Costume Design and Digital Clothing. I have more than 5 years of experience as a costume maker and designer for film and theater. In my free time, I love painting and drawing animals.

I have wanted to work in the creative industry since I was a kid. Having Grown up watching both Western animation and Eastern animation I found myself falling in love with both styles and the storytelling opportunities. After watching "The Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole" with my dad I Realized 3D animation was my calling. Ever since then I have been self-learning 3D and exploring all areas of the pipeline

Hey! I'm a junior FX artist based in Sydney, Australia. Since 2012 I've been addicted to After Effects and Photoshop, giving me a strong foundation in motion graphics. Later I started with Blender and got into coding. Since then I've been using Houdini for the Masters of Animation and Visualisation at UTS Animal Logic Academy.

As a kid, I was always fascinated with animation. Movies like Laika's Coraline and Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke really sent my imagination into overdrive and pushed me to learn the inner workings of any animation. I realized I wanted to be a 3D character animator when I reached my 2nd-year of high school. I decided to study 3D as much as possible ranging from online tutorials to taking certificate classes until I graduated from JMC Academy in 2020 for 3D animation.

My love of movies such as Star Wars (ILM), Lord Of The Rings (WETA), and games like the God of war series (Sony Santa Monica) as well as Uncharted series (Naughty Dog) to name a few. I used to watch behind the scenes making of videos to see how it's made and that inspired me to pursue a career in this industry.

From a young age I was always fasinated by game and movie CGI Art but 2013 when I first enrolled into my first game design course I really started to push my 3D knowledge and really started to appreciate game environments and models.

Since a young age, during Highschool. I have always wanted to pursue a career with creative art/ within a creative industry. After playing my first RPG game at around the age of 15, i decided that i wanted to create work like this. So i could inspire a new generation of artist's looking to utilize their skills for something great.

During the 2021 lockdown I began drawing to keep my mind busy, eventually refining them into something special. Another of my friends had purchased a CAD cut printer out of boredom and we ended up making stickers for fun. I realized I could make a living through refining my talent into a skill, and loved the idea of having my work on the big screen.

From a young age I naturally gravitated to the creative world, drawn in by movies, stories and animated films. During high school I had an interest for Animation but didn't fully pursue it until recently. I hope that one day I can work in a studio pursuing my love and sharing my creativity with others.

I have always been interested in the creative world and pursued Visual Arts throughout high school. I have always been interested in watching animated stuff, However, my passion for animation truly ignited in year 11 when I had the opportunity to study this field in my digital media classes. I became fascinated with storytelling through the medium of animation. Since then, I have been fully committed to pursuing a career in the animation industry. This led me to UTS Animal Logic Academy

I've had an interest in creative endeavours since I was young but felt that I didn't have the ability to make great work. In 2018, however, I thought I had exhausted my career in engineering and would finally try to enter the creative industry through retraining.

At age 7, I borrowed a book called "Special Effects in Film & Television" from my school library for two weeks straight. Each chapter covered different forms of special effects but there was only a small chapter on CG at the time. I was obsessed with how the industry worked, couldn't believe that it could be a job. Skip to senior year of highschool and not wanting to go into a career path I didn't want to go into, I returned to something I always loved.

It started around high school where I found my love for drawing characters but, as the years went by, I started to get art blocks on what to drawing. After high school, I found a course named 'Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation' and discovered my passion for 3D animation. I love to exaggerate and make a character have personality and come to life by animating them.

I first realised I wanted to work in the 3D animation industry after seeing Finding Nemo. I am working at Wētā FX as a Terrain Artist. I am a dedicated and passionate modeller, with the ability to interpret concept art, creatively and technically.

When studying engineering I took a general education course in Animation, I had such a great time doing this course I realized that I wanted to use my problem solving skills in a creative way. Since then I have moved into layout, animation and rigging creating both artistically shots and technical python scripts.

I've been drawing and creating characters, the worlds they live in and even short stories about them ever since I was little. I enjoy using my imagination to breathe life into what I create and it would be great to share my abilities with like minded individuals!

I have wanted to work in the creative media industry since early high school when I started making short films with my friends for fun in our spare time.

I grew up in my dad's studio surrounded by vivid abstract paintings, and have been designing characters and writing stories my whole life. I’ve always been inspired by world-builders and visionaries whose creations live on in the hearts and minds of millions across the world. I’m comfortable working in 2D and 3D, film, television, games and emerging technologies.

I first became interested in the entertainment industry when i was doing my engineering degree. Having just started the degree, i realised that the it is not for me. As i was thinking about what i am gonna do, i saw a giant poster at the train station which lead me to my very first school where i did my Bachelors of Animation and the rest was history.