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Hermy the Hermit Crab | Weekly-drill #093

Hermy the Hermit Crab | Weekly-drill #093

by sjgame on 24 Nov 2023

Growing up I had pet hermit crabs which sparked the idea for this weeks, weekly drill. I wanted to do some world building with this project and see how far I could push my initial idea. I also wanted to develop my stylized texturing skills in substance painter.

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Hermy is the robo pet hermit crab of a travelling merchant. Hermy grows apples for the merchant to snack on during their long journeys. The flowers attract bees to pollinate the tree and leave a sweet scent in the air. The light above Hermy allows them to travel through the night to make it to the next village by morning to trade goods to the locals. 



Mostly done in Maya, I tried to keep the shapes fairly simple so I could quickly UV and move on to texturing. The claws were fairly challenging, however, simplifying the shape and smoothing helped form the final shape.


I did all texturing in Substance Painter as I wanted to challenge myself and do a painterly, stylized approach. Things I learnt while learning stylized texturing were, ways to define shapes through highlights and shadows. I also learnt ways to blend textures and colors. Overall I'm happy with what I achieved and keen to try more stylized texturing.

For the leaves and flowers, I used Photoshop. Here I was also able to develop my stylized texturing in a 2D format.

Lighting | Shaders

Lighting and shaders were done in Blender, for the eyes and window, I used a toon shader to fake the spec highlights. The lighting was fairly basic as I ran out of time, but was mainly set up to show off Hermy.

I also used geometry nodes and curve editing for the leaves on the tree.

Thankyou for viewing my work

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