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X-TAON: Lighting | Art Car (2019)

X-TAON: Lighting | Art Car (2019)

Paul Marundan
by paulmarundan on 24 Jun 2020

Substance Painter: X-TAON contest (2019).

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Before Meet Mat 2, there was another texturing competition by Allegorithmic. This one is an art car competition designed by auto designer Mr. Takumi Yamamoto. This was the first art competition I entered, it was an interesting experience.

3840x2160 | 3500 samples | Rec.709


Base Colour - Metallic - Roughness

Please have a go with the sliders below

In addition, I created a few variations.

1. Red-lava: Catriona Gray (MU 2018)

2. Black-gold: MP

3. Original Submission 2019

4. Remastered 2020

Please have a go with the sliders below


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