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Coffee Brake

Coffee Brake

Judisak Meng
by judisakmeng on 9 Dec 2023

Coffee Brake was our collaborative studio project at UTS Animal Logic Academy. We had to complete a short film in 10 weeks in the up-and-coming software Blender. I was able to bring my Blender experience into the project and together with my classmate we were able to deliver this fun and energetic short animated film.

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My Role: Animator, Layout, Assembly, Rigging, Blender TD

Here is a collection of my shots put together

Due to my experience in Blender, I was also tasked with rigging the characters. One challenge I faced was rigging the grease pencil on top of the character. Drawing inspiration from movies like Spider-Verse and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I collaborated with our creative lead and the art team to design the grease pencil system for the characters. Using Blender's grease pencil and Rigify system, I was able to weight-paint the line work onto the characters.
We were meticulous in placing the line work on the characters to avoid harsh deformations on the mesh, drawing from our intention to replicate a specific look. This approach allowed us to achieve the intended aesthetic.

I was also able to create 3 of the dimension shots seen in the film as well.

Finally, if you haven't seen it, here's the final film 'Coffee Brake'. I hope you enjoyed it!

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