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Cyberpunk 2099
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Cyberpunk 2099

Daniel Baird
by danielbaird on 5 May 2019

A revamped version of a previous concept: Cyberpunk 2088

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Update - 16 May 2019

Additional colour thumbnails and exploration 

I was initally set on the first thumbnail ,  * 1. After coming back to this project i decided that the image felt boring so i focused on some colour thumbnails of new scenes / settings. 

I really liked the middle concept , *2 , which i will now follow through with a final rendition. 

As seen in *3 , i broke the image down into basic form with new details and perspective orientation. I know as an artist that my skills greatly lack in this area, so stepping out of my comfort zone to learn this is an interesting process. 

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Update - 7 May 2019

Quick concepting of characters 

I would like to finish this painting as soon as possible for my main entry. So i have decided on my main characters and scene/ setting 

Update - 7 May 2019

Reference and Thumbnails 

Made some quick thumbnails to see what setting i wanted this illustration to take part in. I have decided to move forward with my initial sketch , using my other thumbnails as colour reference 

Update - 5 May 2019

Cyberpunk 2099

Revamped version of a previous concept : Cyberpunk 2088, set 10 years after CD Project Red's new game: Cyberpunk 2077.

New initial concepts 

Old version