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AstroMat | Meet Mat 2 (2020)

AstroMat | Meet Mat 2 (2020)

Paul Marundan
by paulmarundan on 4 Jun 2020

Substance Painter: Meet MAT 2 contest (2020).

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Substance Painter: Meet MAT 2 contest (2020).

Update 24/06/2020: Added colour correction. Added process view.

Meet Mat 2 was a texturing competition hosted by Allegorithmic at the start of 2020 with a big emphasis on tessellation and displacement.

Mat wants to be an astronaut so he can travel to far away places where he will visit other home planets and meet fellow travellers. Not only that, he wants to be a superhero in space, helping those in need. He puts on his superhero costume and astronaut suit, with the power of his great imagination, he can do anything!

Special thanks to Luc Chamerlat for the base cardboard and duct tape material.

4096x2160 | 3500 samples | Rec.709

Please have a go with the sliders below

Base Colour - Normal - Roughness - Ambient Occlusion - Height

Never seen before - early designs

Please have a go with the sliders below

Good bye!

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