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Antoine Josephine
by AntoineJosephine on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi everyone ! I'm Antoine and this is my Environment Showreel of my Game Art specialization years at New3dge. This showreel close 4 years of 3d production studies including 2 years of Game Art specialization. Thanks for watching, hope you like it !

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Its another day on the job for Firefighters of TOWER 42.
They suit up in their heavy gear and climb into their firetruck, ready to face whatever the day may bring.

For this project I was in charge of the Tower building, from the modeling to the integration in Unreal Engine.
The modeling has been done in 3sdmax, the base textures in Substance Designer and in Substance Painter I generated alpha masks blended in RGB maps in order to optimize the Layer Material process.

The tech behind the Shading Model has been provided by my teammate Valentin LEFEVRE.

The 3d model of the Tower has been modeled with a modular workflow and assembled with blueprints in Unreal Engine in order to bein able to easily animate the Tower according to our needs.

                                          - Tower Concept -

                                         - Tower42  Project -

Rookies Entry :
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Trailer :
Making of :

                                           - Tower42  Team -

Game Art :     Artstations                                                                                 Concept Art :     Artstations

Walid MILED : Character                                                                                - Samuel LAURO
Mathis BOUMEDJMADJEN : Character                                                   - Unai LOIDI
Yohan HOUEL : Character                                                                             - Sara HERMELIN
Valentin LEFEVRE : Environment / Tech Shaders                               - Baptiste GUERIN
Antoine JOSEPHINE : Environment                                                         - Axel ROUX
Hippolyte GELY : Cinematic / Lighting                                                    - Regin WELLANDER
Oscar CHALAUX : Vehicle
Leo ZANGTech Gameplay / FX               
- Alexandre FAUCHEUX : Animation / Rig     

                                          - Rookies Entries -

Walid MILED     Mathis BOUMEDJMADJEN     Yohan HOUEL     Valentin LEFEVRE     Hippolyte GELY     Oscar CHALAUX     Leo ZANG     Alexandre FAUCHEUX               Samuel LAURO     Unai LOIDI     Sara HERMELIN     Baptiste GUERIN     Axel ROUX     Regin WELLANDER          

In a futuristic Uchronia, where ancient Egypt has survived, the gods live among humanity in the form of AI.

The latter alienate the population, encouraging them to give, as an offering, their personal data to clergics.

In The_TIDE my job was to create an exterior Vista shot showing the upper part of the city.

This work was my first semi-stylized project so far. The challenge was to create an Egyptian Solarpunk  environment in order to bring a contrast with the shallows of the city made by my teammate Morgan PILAT

The environment has been modeled in a modular workflow in 3sdmax and proceduraly textured in Unreal Engine with a triplanar handpaint shader. the shader work with a Handpaint RGB map and a base texture made in Substance Designer.

                                     - The_TIDE  Project -

Rookies Entry : 
Trailer :

                                       - The_TIDE  Team -  


- Morgan PILAT : Environment / Lighting          
- Morganne LEBEL : Character / Props
- Jean-Jacques DUMAS : Character
- Flavian TATCHI : Character
- Walid MILED : Character
- Kenza El MHAIA : Character 
- Antoine JOSEPHINE : Environment / Lighting

                                       - Rookies Entries -

Morgan PILAT     Morganne LEBEL     Jean-Jacques DUMAS     Walid MILED     
Flavian TATCHI     Kenza El MHAIA      

This project is a blend between my 2 passions, 3d Production and music, i didn't had enough time to finish it with all the projects at school this year so i show you a work in progress version. this is a reproduction of my bedroom.

I have to modelize a lot of music related props, il will try to render this scene in the most photorealist way possible. I can't wait to show you the result. It's will be released at the end of June on my artstation.

Modeled in 3dsmax and rendered in Unreal Engine 5.

Welcome to Euryale, You play as a mercenary in the Renaissance era. Lost in the forest, you are desperately searching for your recently lost brothers in arms. Once at the entrance of this place, you're hoping for help...

In this Project I was in charge of the exterior part of the environment with my teammate Benjamin Kretchmann

Rookie 2022 Entry :

                                           - Euryale Team -

- Benjamin KRETSCHMANN : Environment 
- Vincent D'ANDREAEnvironment / Tech / Lighting
Environment / Tech / Lighting
- Moheb NAGUIB : Character
- Yohan HOUEL : Creature

Thanks for watching ! I hope you enjoyed it, see you next time.

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