Unai Loidi Ramirez
by Ilya98 on 26 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello My name is Unai loidi and i am studying in new3dge concept art. This is the graduation project i did for this second year. I designed the spacecraft of the protagonist in the corrupted storyline where they need to make a raid in a mind corrupted mothership crew that want to attack the Ionstar alliance.

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This is the graduation project that I did in the new3dge concept art second course.

The setting happens in a distant space where a corrupted Egeos mothership is going to conquer the Europa planet from the Ionstar federation, an alliance where Egeos has agreements with it, if the ship reach the planet..., there is, without doubt, a war that can change the course of everything.

I mainly used Photoshop and Blender for reaching this project, plus, using other assets i did from a past project that i show in this entry too, and some sketchfab assets.

I had difficulties at the beggining  but thanks to our mentor Bartosz Tchorzewski and the right decisions at the right time, I was able to push it forward very well.

General view of the ship inside the hangar.

Surfing Europa, the Ionstar federation main planet. I wanted to try to do an external shot of the ship in space so i can achieve a different view of the ship and have the opportunity to show the planet too.

The ship heading out to the main hall.

Below are the concept art I've created for Tower 42 , one of the yearly project at New3dge, laying the foundation for the Game Art and CGI students, whose works are showcased in the subsequent slider presentation, bringing the initial concepts to life.

I had the pleasure to design the firetruck of the tower 42 project and it was cool to do it.

This design was used by Oscar Chalaux and Valentin Lefevre in the GA team and Oscar did the vehicle, really a good job!

Interior variations

Hi i made this turret as a personal project because i wanted to push the turret i did in school.

I decided to create the Egeos Excelsior Mk19 anti aircraft gun with a range of 30 km.

General view of the Egeos Excelsior Mk19

This is the original concept i did for the school but i wasn't satisfied so i pushed it further in home.

The truth is that I had my difficulties to make the projects, I had to repeat many things or even start from scratch but in the end I have managed to make a result where I was quite satisfied.

At the end everything turned well.

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