The Tide is a game project made during our graduation year at New3dge.

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Welcome to The TIDE, where you will be guided into a futuristic dystopian city located in Egypt. Here the Gods rule the city, but someone is bound to make a change and corrupt the city's entire system...

Here you will discover a school project that tooks from September 2022 to December 2022 to realise, we made the concepts by ourselfs ! Enjoy !


In this game, you play Nabi :

Nabi, a non-binary young adult, is a data collector who cultivates information. Mostly done through hacking, they use their reaping digital hook to do so, as like it was wheat or barley. Their duty: go inside the Meta God Temple guided by Noun, and corrupt its system by injecting their hacked data into the Gods' offerings.

Nabi by Morganne LEBEL.


The little boy called Noun, is the Primordial God of the Ocean who gave birth to everything, according to the Theogony of the Ancient Egypt.

His goal is to guide Nabi, the player, towards the Temple so he can hack the Gods' system and erase their technological influence over the City.

The Alley

Lower level of an egyptian city where the poor live in a cyberpunk jungle of buildings, neon lights, cables and pipes.

The Alley by Morgan PILAT and Morganne LEBEL, lighting by Antoine JOSEPHINE.

The Militia

The Maat’s milicia is her armed arm and the best way to apply the order and equilibrium of their beloved goddess.

The milicia is composed by some interchangeable units and the lieutenant. This imposing woman leads the milicia and while she thinks she inspires order, she inspires fear instead .

Militia by Flavian TATCHI.

The Priestress

The Temple's religious emissaries of the City, their purpose is to collect citizens' data and offer it to the Gods: Thoth and Maat.

The Priestress by Jean-Jacques DUMAS.

The Plaza

Upper level of an egyptian city where the rich live in a solarpunk environnement.

The Plazza by Antoine JOSEPHINE.

Inside the Temple..


In ancient Egypt, Maat is the goddess of justice and cosmic harmony. With the help of her partner Thoth, she rules the Temple and influences the citizens into giving her their personal hieroglyphic data. Using her scale, Maat weighs the data she is being offered to see how much data the citizens gift the Gods.

Maat by Kenza EL MHAIA.


Thoth is, in Egyptian mythology, the god of writing and the scribe of the gods with unlimited knowledge. His role in the temple is to collect all the hieroglyphic data provided by his partner Maat, write them on his long parchment and to identify the good donors from the bad ones.

Thoth by Walid MILED.

The Temple

A technological Temple, where deities "live" and collect hieroglyphic datas which the citizens offer to the Temple.

The Temple by Morgan PILAT.

Here you can find the artstation of this incredible team !!

Jean-Jacques DUMAS :

Walid MILED :

Flavian TATCHI :


Morgan PILAT :

Kenza EL MHAIA :

Morganne LEBEL :

Thanks to the intervenants Arnaud Szobad, Paul Emile Boucher, Servane Altermatt, Adrien Lemoine, Nicolas Girou, Charline Paul, Damien Brisson, Guillaume Deschamps and Mickael Floury.

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