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TOWER 42 | Unreal Engine 5

TOWER 42 | Unreal Engine 5

"Tower 42" is a UE5 cinematic trailer and game project done in just 5 months at New3dge, for our second year of game art specialisation. This project is the result of the collaboration of 8 people. The goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of a realistic real time cinematic in Unreal 5. We hope you will enjoy.

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TOWER 42 : UE5 Trailers

TOWER 42 : Making-Of 

Nell - The Captain

Nell is the leader of the group and also the scout of the team.
She's able to analyse most delicate environments thanks to her advanced helmet and provides the safest routes for the team, avoiding the agnium.

Ashe - The Adjutant

Ashe is the Frontline of the squad , he is the one who opens the way for his team , and has also the most risked place on the team.

Ember - The Sergeant

Ember is the support of the group and the most experienced of the team. Able to provide ressources to the team , he is a vital element ... especially when it's a question of life , or death. 

Space - The Exoplanet

Tower 42 - the Hangar 

The Towers are prodigious instrument of technology. Terraforming machines and cities capable of transforming the surrounding environment into a living place for Human beings.
Here we discover the Hangar of the tower 42 , where our team is gearing up before intervention.

The Oasis - Tower 42

Our first Environment is the Oasis , is one of the few peacefull place of this scorched exoplanet.
Terraformed by humans this is one of the most advanced colony on this planet.

Ashen Sea - The No Man's Land

The No man's Land is a desolated place , between Heaven and Hell , where nothing can live, ravaged by the auto-destructive Flora of the planet, the Agnium. 

The Agnium Forest - Tower 73

Our final Environment, Hell itself , the Agnium Forest , and also the working ground of our crew.
A place of constant evolution, where the flora grows, destroys, and dies, taking with her everything that's on her way.

The Rover - A way to travel

The Rover :  Protected by it's fully armored body this is the main tool used by our crew to move and work on this planet. Providing a safe shelter from the heat of the Agnium and the hostility of this planet.


                                                            The Team Behind Tower 42: 

Game Art Team :      Artstations                                        Concept Art Team :     Artstations

- Hippolyte Gely : Cinematic / Lighting                                           - Samuel Lauro
- Antoine Josephine : Environment                                                 - Unai Loidi
- Valentin Lefevre : Environment / Tech Shaders                       - Sara Hermellin
- Mathis Boumedjmadjen : Character / Creature                       - Baptiste GuĂ©rin
- Walid Miled : Character                                                                      - Axel Roux
- Yohan Houel : Character                                                                    - Regin Wellander
- Oscar Chalaux : Vehicule                                                                   
- Leo Zhang :  Tech Gameplay / FX                                                   Music :
Alexandre Faucheux : Animation / Rig                                          
-Julien Azhar

Samples from the concept art team :

If you want more details on how this project was made , you can visit the Rookies posts of everyone down Below :

-Hippolyte Gely                                                 - Sara Hermellin         -  Axel Roux
-Valentin Lefevre                                              - Unai Loidi                   - Regin Wellander
-Antoine Josephine                                         - Samuel Lauro           -  Baptiste Guerin
-Mathis Boumedjmadjen        
-Yohan Houel                            
-Walid Miled                                  
-Oscar Chalaux 
-Leo Zhang
-Alexandre Faucheux

Huge thanks to our families, friends from concept art and VFX classes , teachers , and of course New3dge administration for their help and support.
This project wouldn't have been possible without them. 

We really hope  that you enjoyed this project as much as we loved creating it during these five months. 

                                                                                                                                                        - Team 42.

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