Hippolyte Gely

Hippolyte Gely


After a while, master of the world ... eventually.

Everything started when I was a kid and saw the trailer for the first Assassin’s creed game. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the excitement and the enthusiasm of being an assassin. At that time, it seemed so realistic and so unique… Then I made a promise to myself… To perpetuate and convey those emotions that I felt the first time my eyes rested on this game. No matter how long it takes me! Now, almost fifteen years later, I’m happy with what I have accomplished and what is still to come.

Learning: New3dge

Expertise: Game Design & Development Visual Effects

  • Leveled up to Debut N/A
  • Leveled up to Player Mar 30, 2021
  • Leveled up to Contender May 20, 2022
  • Leveled up to Rookie TBD
  • Pro TBD

Current Education

Class of 2023