Rookie Awards 2020 | Film of the Year

3D Animation

Looking for the very best in 3D animated short films. The films can be created by both teams and individuals. Trailers and unfinished projects will be considered.

Open until 1 Jun 2020 /// [ 0d 0h 0m ]
3D Animation
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Category Brief

The primary focus for this category is 3D Animation. The judges are looking for short films that are 100% computer generated. The films should be similar to what you’d expect to see from Pixar or Dreamworks. The films can still have a realistic feel to them, but if your film includes live-action plates please submit to the Visual Effects category instead.

Important Notes

  • You must submit a completed film or teaser trailer for your film. Single assets and clips will not be considered.
  • We accept films currently on the Film Festival Circuit. These films will not be shared publicly, however please include a password that will be securely shared with our judging panel.
  • Please include supporting material with your finished film. The judges need to better understand the process, the challenges and how your film was created.
  • Team entries are allowed. Make sure that only one team member submits the project and adds additional team members as project collaborators.
  • Films must not have been released prior to June 2019.
  • Entries can include 2D elements to help enhance the story or visuals. However, the focus should be on 3D elements and techniques.
  • Share your process with the judges so they fully understand your thought process.

Requirements & Deliveries

  • You must create a single entry page that includes your completed film, a detailed breakdown and supporting material. Do not create multiple entries with single projects as you will be disqualified.
  • Put effort into your entry page by including text descriptions, titles, work-in-progress and any include supporting material that you feel will impress the judges.

Judging Criteria

The judges are looking for artists or teams that have created a film that is not only creatively and technically sound, but also tells a great story. They are looking for artists or teams with a passion for film making and have worked hard to hone their skills.

The judges will be considering your overall presentation, technical skills, creative skills, variety of content, and employment potential. Treat your entry like a job interview. You have one page to show how amazing your skills are.

How to enter

  1. Read the Rules. Don’t worry, there isn’t too much lawyer talk in there. Quick Link.
  2. Create an Entry using the button below.

Need some help? Watch this video demonstration to help make sure you create the best entry possible.