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Teresa Park
by namussah on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A firsthand look into a young girl’s experience becoming the hero she always dreamed of. No more hoping for the chance to prove yourself and save the world. Your time is NOW, and just in time for supper! Dinner is Saved!

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My film, "DINNER IS SAVED" was created over the span of 7 months with weekly reviews and critiques conducted throughout my final year at university.

Please do check out my entire process HERE on my website, where I detail every step I worked through in making a short film from beginning to end all on my own!

I felt it necessary to archive the learning experience from concept to completion because the process really is the big journey. Here are some parts of what you can find on my website regarding DINNER IS SAVED.

This story is loosely based off my own memories of childhood where my mother would show us her favorite hero show from Japan. Some easter eggs include my mother's voice calling for dinner and my father's calligraphy in the kitchen picture frame.

Some pieces of visual development below!

Some environment exploration

Having to complete an entire CG short from start to finish was definitely not a walk in the park. However this short holds a very special place in my heart as the accumulation of my efforts in the new world of CG that opened to me 3 years ago.

I hope my work can make you smile, thank you for viewing!

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