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Bear With Me

Bear With Me

Rodrigo Chapoy
by rchapoy on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Bear With Me is a short film I completed over my senior year at Ringling College of Art + Design. I am responsible for all aspects of the film from pre-production to final rendering. It follows a Polar bear struggle to be with her love as hibernation separates them.

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My film is currently private as I keep submitting to festivals. It will be released to the public later in 2020.

Character development

It was important to establish contrast between Polar and Grizzly. They're different in shape, color, specie, proportions, behavior and personality. But it was more important to make them complement the other half and be a couple in tough times. 

Environment Design

Final Environment 

Having a home that felt lived in was a challenge. The environment had to add warmth to the film and make you feel cozy yet at the same time enclosed. Almost every prop was done with wood as if a bear had made it with the things he can find in the forest. The rest of things are old appliances that are thrown away in the woods. 

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