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William Larsen Bang
by williambang on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

The Artificial Condition is a trailer/short film about "CAIN" the robot on his journey of self discovery. The project was fully rendered and staged in Unity with no external post proccessing. The film features a dystopian dark sci fi setting where hordes of quadrupedal "terrorformers" shape the land.

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A bit of background on the project. As new technology and tools were being developed and showcased from the likes of Unity, Unreal and others, the prospect of realtime film-making was on the cusp of reality, hence THE ARTIFICIAL CONDITION was born. 

The project was above all an opportunity of experimentation with tools, story, method and world building.  THE ARTIFICIAL CONDITION is shrouded in mystery and is meant to show a slice of a larger story and world for a hypothetical feature film or video game.  

The final product is a trailer style film fully rendered in realtime using the game engine Unity along with press-kit material for promoting the film.

Some of the press-kit we created including posters, postcards and t-shirt designs.


The pre-production of TAC, consisted of visual development and concept art of the main character, the "terrorformers" and different environments. As we knew we were going to have a non-linear, trailer-style film, our approach to storyboarding was quite different. A trailer is usually something created based on a pre-existing product, but in this case the trailer was the project. 
In our need to storyboard and generate environmental/keyframe concept art we followed a new style of boarding, "scene-boarding". The scene-boards consisted of a keyframe, reference and a description. We used these to create the initial structure and storyline of the trailer, the scene-boards were then slowly transitioned to storyboards as elements got tighter. 


The actual production of TAC was all funelling into the Unity game engine, importing and preparing assets, and updating constantly changing models was the rule of law in these times. We were excited to be working with Unity's new HDRP pipeline to turn visual fidelity up to 11.  

The spine of our project had to be Realtimeboard/miro, the powerful online whiteboard enabled everyone in the project to keep an overview of all assets, and we constantly had the feeling of moving around images and reference on a table where everyone could point, imagine and create.

We had a massive visual board with references for everything and each location in the world had their own sub reference boards so artists could create assets in a coherent manner.

For keeping track of shot progression we also used the board to list and iterate the shots with dailies and weekly updates on the board.

Here you can also see the Making-of from the director. This showcases shot development, process explanation, visual development and the modelling and rigging of the main character.


/From right to left

William Bang - Director & CG Generalist 
Johan Jæger - Technical Director & CG Generalist
Idun Sjödin - Art Director & CG Generalist
Susanne Bloch Olsen - CG Generalist
Olle Wedenmark - Project Manager & CG Generalist
Benedikte Rindom - Lead Animator

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