Rookie Awards 2019 | Rookie of the Year

Game Design & Development

Projects entered can include any content specifically with the intention of contributing to a computer game. This includes models, environments, animations, fx elements, level design and more. The judges will be looking for the best creative and/or technical submissions for this massive category.

Submissions closed on 31 May 2019
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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following caetgory winners.


Juras Rodionovas


Sweden | Futuregames

I enjoy immersing myself within my craft of character art and game development. I also like exploring and pushing character quality both visually and technically within restrictions of real-time rendering.

Runner Up

Vinicius Mantovani Favero


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

Since i discovered that i can actually work with what i love.

Highly Commended

Mihai Muscan



While in high school, In the 10th grade I decided to take a 180* turn from studying bio-chemistry, in my preparation to enter med school, to this adventure. Never has been a day the same, literally. It started as a hobby and an escape from all the non sense real world had to offer and it just grew and grew. I still don't know what I'm doing, but I know where I am going. I'm going big I can tell you that.

Highly Commended

Manuel Sitompul


Netherlands | Breda University - IGAD - (NHTV)

Games have always been a big interest for me. As a child I spent the majority of my time exploring the story and worlds of Zelda, Pokémon and Rayman. I got so immersed in these worlds that I decided to start making my own by playing with Game Maker and learning GML. My passion for games persisted over the years, so 2 years ago I decided to apply at a game development school to surro

Highly Commended

Debora Coelho


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

In my early teenage years when I found out that a course dedicated to games was about to open in my city. Considering that since my childhood I was always into games and couldn’t help but think how would be amazing if I could live in worlds such as those ones I saw. Well, in a certain way working with it allows me to do so. :)

People's Choice

Keltic Vermeersch


Belgium | Digital Arts and Entertainment

The day I started highschool I knew that I wanted to study art, but coming from a big family my parents wanted me to first study two years of ASO (study in my country, more theory based) before they would consider letting me pick something that I would really like. After crunching those two years I still wanted to do the same, I wanted to create art. there was this school called KTA Brugge which had a learning curriculum called DAFE (Digital Arts Film and Entertainment) so my art journey began.

Category Brief

This category is not about finished games, it’s about the artistic and technical skill that helped create a computer generated game. Share your understanding of working with a games engine and showcase to the judges how you could contribute to a team on a project.

Show how your animation loops could make a game scary, show how your lighting could dynamically change the mood of a scene, show how your code could handle AI crowds, show how your models could improve frame-rates.

There are many disciplines in this field and the judges will be reviewing all of them with the goal of finding the artist that they would love to have on their next game.

Important Notes

  • Combine all your best work into one single entry. Multiple entries with individual projects will not be reviewed.
  • Please be mindful of submitting hero character design work here. A better decision would be to share the high-resolution model and then show how you converted it to a real-time character for a games engine.
  • Don’t just upload a video of gameplay. Break it down and be very clear about your contribution to the game. Treat this like a job interview. The judges want to know what you did and how complicated it was.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have pretty pictures. Share a screencast showing your tool in action. Go one better and even share GitHub code snippets that you wrote for your game or plugin.
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