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My work I made at DAE

My work I made at DAE

benjamin ghys
by benjaminghys on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

most of these are Assignments, but I spent a little more time on time so I could post them on here / on Artstation

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Custom Nissan GTR Godzilla

One of my personal projects I started working on it during the summer break
Decided I wanted to finish it for the rookies
Screenshots are taken in unreal
I only had time to optimize the Body of the car

1960 Detomaso Mangusta

High poly school assingment, rendered in 
Additional renders are done in Arnold GPU

This was my first time modeling a car using subD I had a lot of fun modeling this car because I'm interested in cars along with their inner mechanics and technicalities.

Architectural visualization in UE 4

The assignment was focused on creating a realistic looking, baked only lightning in Unreal Engine 4.

I modeled and textured the entire kitchen.
Only the props were downloaded from the Internet, but I still had to optimize / re-topologize them.

I made 2 materials in Substance designer:
- Melamine Wood texture
- Floor Tiles

Bent Axis Piston Pump

My first time baking a 3D model. Texturing was done using the PBR workflow in Substance Painter. I was also trying out the ProBoolean workflow during the modeling process. model is optimized and Game-Ready.

Modeled in 3Ds max
Texturing & baking in Substance Painter
Beauty shots in UE 4

triangles = 5.460

vertices = 2.985

since it's my first time baking a 3D model there is no symmetry (optimization) applied to save texture space.

Everything is uniquely unwrapped and packed tightly.

A little bit of unwrap porn never hurts.

I know it's useless to some of you, PS: Sorry

Sturmgewehr 44

Modeled in 3Ds max
Texturing & baking in Substance Painter
Beauty shots in UE 4

Aim was to bake and texture a complex model using the PBR standards
Spent a lot of time getting my normal bake to be without artifacts

First iteration of texture didn't give a realistic feel so I switched to the original Sturmgewehr without coating

triangles = 25.148
vertices = 12.913

Let's not forget about the Unwrap porn, but this time optimized as much as I could

There are a lot of unique parts on this gun, a basic symmetry wouldn't work

Sci-Fi Hatch

First time being introduced to baking normal maps & texture creation in substance painter.
My most optimized unwrap and mesh I ever made and never will beat.

short workflow description:

I first started looking at reference and letting me be inspired by real life space station hatches to Sci-Fi game hatches.

after having a few ideas I started making sketches, top views & side views, keeping mind I only had a flat plane to work with.

After a few rough layout sketches for the hatch I chose the best ones an iterated on them.

Then I moved on to 3ds Max and started on modeling my High poly and Low poly Mesh.

Texturing in substance / PBR workflow was still new to me, so I made a few mistakes.

So a few months later after making complexer normal bakes and more texturing in substance painter, I decided to revisit my hatch.

The end result

Real-time lighting in Unreal Engine 4

Flat Plane vs Tessellated Plane in unreal

You could get away with a flat plane at this angle

Lower angle to have the tessellation do it's work.

AO // BaseColor // Metalness // Normal // Roughness

Let's not forget the Unwrap

This is the best I can do

100% of the pixels are being used

yes this was necessary

I also tried to make the material-shader as cheap as possible by using grey-packing and replacing the blue channel from the Normal map.

I could have used the Alpha channel, but I assume it takes up more memory, and defeats the purpose of grey-packing
I used a screenshot on polycount how to have a normal without the blue channel and still get the same result in the engine.

I only needed to load in 3 Textures to get the same result
I put the roughness in the green channel because it can store more data than red or blue

and the blue channel also get compressed more so that's why I put my AO in that channel

Base color (consists of color, wow)

Grey pack (R = metallic, G = Roughness, B = Ambient Occlusion)

Normal (R & G = Normal Data, B = Displacement Map)

Optimized Mesh

Tessalated mesh

Tile Generator (Maya Script)

My first script I made that has UI implemented. Goal was to have a Tile Generator with clear / understandable layout.

Python code

Simple copy/paste into the Maya python console.

Or get it from Github.

after revisitting my code, I made the following changes:

- Added core generator class

- then built UI on top
- Update should receive variables instead of UI object
- so currently the Generator class cannot function without the UI class.

Possible features I could add:

- Saving user settings to a .Json file
- Change to Qt for UI creation (more possibilities)
I could put more structure in to my UI as I now was forced to put the Simple / Godmode switch underneath the actual value sliders

- Load in presets created by other Users.
- Ability to choose a custom mesh instead of a Polycube

for some reason the code snippet now has the same color as the background

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