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Environment Collection

Environment Collection

Youri Hoek
by yourihoek on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of environments that I made for my own practice during the past year. All of these are presented realtime in Unreal Engine 4.

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"Hephaex Level 4" Modular Sci-Fi Environment

Main purpose of this environment was practicing the Star Citizen workflow by using face-weighted normals for the models, decal sheets, trim sheets and modular building. Using these decals gave me a huge advantage in customizing the scene, being able to change the look of anything with just tweaking a slider without spending too much time on a huge master material.

Sergey Tyapkin's modular sci-fi corridor was my main inspiration for this, hence the yellow color scheme during earlier versions.

"Conios Sector 8 Hallway" Modular Sci-Fi Environment

Another sci-fi interior environment I made heavily existing out of face-weighted normals and decal + trimsheets. Almost everything (except for some unique assets) is modular.

Inspired by Star Citizen's amazing environments.

Outside temple area for my "Terraforming" environment.

About the scene: In a universe where life on an unknown alien planet is on the edge of extinction, Earth's environment seemed to be the only way out. The atmosphere, however, still needs modifications in order to be this "way out". Therefore the species of this unknown planet developed terraforming technology, allowing them to change Earth's environment as they desire.

This scene takes place during the beginning of the terraforming process, hiding their technology in ancient temples to be as least suspicious as possible.

The artstyle is heavily inspired by Blizzard's Overwatch.

World building, composition and mood practice in Unreal Engine.

Not all assets used were made by me - I had some help from Megascans and NatureManufacture to speed up the process.

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