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Kelinci Kanvas

Kelinci Kanvas

Cindy Gozali
by cindygozali on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Kelinci Kanvas is a 2 players mobile online co-op multiplayer 2.5D platformer game. It's an asymmetrical multiplayer, with First player controls the character movement and Second player draw line as road for the character. Both players must cooperate to help the character to reach the other end.

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The title comes from Indonesian language, Kelinci means rabbit and Kanvas means canvas.

Kelinci Kanvas is a 2.5D mobile game with 3D character and 2D background. Even though it's a coop game, but no verbal or written communication is allowed in this game, no text or voice chat except in lobby.
In the lobby is the only way where players can discuss how to communicate in the game (ex: if jump twice, that means the next jump is the real jump).

This game is made using Unity and developed by a student from MAGES Institute of Excellence (


● 2.5D platform mobile multiplayer
● 2 players
● First player control character movement
● Second player draw straight line as road for character
● Second player can only draw 1 line per time. If they draw another line, the previous line will disappear. Have limit of the line’s length
● Objective is to make character reach the other end
● Time limit

Unique Selling Point:

● Drawing becomes road/obstacle
● The same drawing can help or hinder character
● Online coop, communicate without text or voice

Game Design

Level Design


For future:

● More level
● In game shop to customize character
● Team vs team
      ● 2 players per team
      ● First player from all teams control their own team’s character
      ● Second player from all teams draw road to help their own team’s character
      ● Second player also draw obstacle that will block another team’s character
      ● Whichever team’s character that reach the other end first is the winner

This is still work in progress. I created this game in 1 week.

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